Chromakey questions
N/A Everything you wanted to ask about chromakey!
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Drive Carefully. Youre Tough, but youre not Invincible. The Armys Uncompromising New Message.
N/A The Army has always suffered from a high number of off-duty Road Traffic Accidents. This is hardly surprising. We deliberately seek to attract young men and women who are seeking fun and adventure. It has always been a worry to the chain of command that high numbers of young soldiers have ended up being killed tragically on the roads in their own time, and has confounded years of driving experts as to how to reduce accidents, especially when messages must be careful not to breed risk aversion in an essentially risk-embracing profession.
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Chromakey tips and tricks.
N/A Chromakey tips and tricks - the easy way and a hard way
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Hands on the EX-1
N/A High Definition at 1920x1080 means 5 times more detail, resolution and sharpness than SD. With this in mind lens selection and focus become absolutely critical when out shooting in the field.......
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Making Common Sense of Production Health and Safety
N/A As many of you may know the presenter of a well known motoring program has a bugbear with the subject of health and safety in programme making........
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