Calzaghe Fight with Input Media
N/A Sports production company Input Media faced a series of technical, logistical and creative challenges when they were commissioned by fast rising broadcaster Setanta Sports to cover one of the biggest live Boxing events ever staged in the UK.
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Selling your business Part 1 of 3
N/A A company is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay.....
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Protect your boys toys
N/A In a recent survey it was estimated that there were 70 million mobile phones, in the Uk. More than one phone for every member of the population. This figure is staggering in its self, but then consider the replacement value, which is in excess of £500 billion pounds. Makes your eyes water.
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A hidden beauty
N/A The lifestyle of the Wildlife cameraman (and woman) youd have thought, and I was hoping, was all exotic locations and beautiful scenery. Except for me the reality was a murky, water filled quarry during a very cold winter and early spring of 2006- 07.
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OB HD and budget constraints
N/A E2E explain how the advent of HD and budget constraints has expanded the refurbishment side of the industry.
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Guide to filming in London
N/A Filming in any public place is not always straightforward and the capital is no different. If you work alone or with a crew then there are a number of rules to follow to ensure that you have a trouble free shoot.
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CTV OB Truck
N/A Responding to the growing demand for HD broadcasts and with a fleet of already overworked outside broadcast trucks, CTV Outside Broadcasts newest addition to its fleet, OB 9, is a fully-equipped production facility with the latest in High Definition production, mixing and recording equipment.
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