The IBC 2011 Future Zone
Kieron Seth# The Future Zone is absolutely fascinating. Only visitors with time on their hands (or like me, a mission to fulfil) would be well rewarded. Stands that fail to transmit their message quickly, that lack any attempt at design and that are staffed by individuals struggling to communicate are likely to be brushed aside by most time-pressed visitors.
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Time Saving Tips This Week EDIUS 6.
N/A With all the talk of Final Cut Pro X, Premiere CS 5.5 and Avid Media Composer, some people are starting to forget about our much-loved EDIUS. Well, Editors Keys is about to launch a brand new EDIUS keyboard, so in honor of this new product, Im going to share some of the top EDIUS 6 Keyboard shortcuts.
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Getting close to the edge?
N/A 'Edge Violation A visual artifact that can arise when part of an object near the edge of the display is represented in the left-eye image but is not represented in the right-eye image or vice versa.' So says the 3D glossary given by 3D@Home.
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Capturing the Gumball 3000 Rally 2011 with an iPhone4
N/A Sons of Oscar nominated Director - Mike Figgis, Arlen and Louis Figgis, were tasked this year with following and recording the Gumball 3000 Rally.
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TV Bay Questions
N/A I'm the guy that has the brilliant job of doing everything from lining up and visually matching shots to creatively stylising and achieving the Directors look for the film, promo, commercial or documentary.
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Top ten from a top gun
N/A Another IBC has come and gone. I peaked early: for me the highlight came before we even set out for Amsterdam when, as I wrote here last month, I met Sir David Attenborough, winner of the International Honour for Excellence.
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Fast 3D
Bob Pank# It is easy to make the assumption that 3D should comply with existing standards, as in the 2D video streams of television or movie images running at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second, according to the relevant 2D standards.
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Eye to eye: How secure is your content?
N/A Unless you are in politics, the safest archiving policy can be summed up by just two words: Delete nothing.
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N/A The engines are revving in the countdown to BVE North, the new event that is designed to serve the needs of the rapidly growing broadcast and production industry in the North.
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N/A Ive been busy setting up a business in Germany (replicating our UK operation) and thought it might make an interesting read for those of you who are thinking of establishing an office abroad or even setting up a business in the UK.
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Gorilla Proof cases!
N/A We always knew Peli Protector Cases were tough equipment cases built to withstand the harshest handling but they have now proved to be ¦Gorilla proof!
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Soooooo. IBC
N/A For those of you who don't know (and obviously only read tv-bay for my column) IBC is the world's second largest broadcast convention, held in Amsterdam. As previously mentioned in last months' column, I went with tv-bay.
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Peli 1640 Review
N/A It may or may not have become apparent that I love my tech. I use it, write about it, podcast about it. In fact I think I might even start shaking and suffering from mild withdrawal symptoms if I don't have a least one item of tech near me.
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Protecting your assets, safe storage and long life archives
N/A A vast amount of information exists out on the Internet that can be very helpful but also misleading and confusing on how best to protect digital content over time both from degradation of content and from piracy.
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Rent-a case, the answer to transporting LCDs?
N/A Over the last few years we have seen the release of hundreds of new plasma LCDs LEDs and now 3D LED with new models from new manufactures being released with what seems like every day.
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