The brains behind a no brainer
Thomas Dove To remove the painstaking task of checking content against a wide range of delivery specifications, the task is best done by tried and tested software that can do it automatically, leaving the creatives to get on with what the do best...create.
Tags: iss092 | Vidcheck | Thomas Dove
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Lighting for virtual sets
Mike Perry Mike Perry explains how to properly light a virtual set
Tags: iss092 | Photon Beard | Lighting | Virtual | Mike Perry
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DLED Dedolight Reviewed
Justin Mills Ive been using Felloni LED light panels for over 18 months now, and have really enjoyed the ease of operating lights using battery power in my case, V lock batteries that I also use to power my cameras.
Tags: iss092 | dedolight | review | DLED | light | studio | LED | Justin Mills
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Black magic studio camera
Mark Stopher Mark Stopher reviews the Blackmagic studio camera
Tags: iss092 | Blackmagic | studio camera | reviews | Mark Stopher
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What Directors do and dont do
David Crossman The ITTP looks at do's and don'ts for directors
Tags: iss092 | ITTP | Education | Directing | David Crossman
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KVM extenders and matrix switches in broadcast
Enno Littmann Enno Littman, Managing director of IHSE discusses the importance of to many different felds of operation within the broadcast studio workflow and details some of the most effective and relevant applications of the technology.
Tags: iss092 | IHSE | KVM | Enno Littmann
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Vision for the future of TV
KitPlus BBC R&D's vision for the future of TV
Tags: iss092 | BBC | R&D | KitPlus
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Israels i24news
Jason Danielson# Active storage for never ending news cycle
Tags: iss092 | NetApp | i24news | storages | Jason Danielson#
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Making the invisible visible
Charlie Watts The new University of Portsmouth CCI TV studio
Tags: iss092 | Education | Portsmouth University | Charlie Watts
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An editors perspective
Larry Jordan# Larry Jordan gives and editors persepective of Chroma-key
Tags: iss092 | Experts | chroma key | Larry Jordan#
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A new age of teleprompting?
Jon Hilton# Even though prompting is hardly a new phenomenon, Jon Hilton explains the new age of teleprompting
Tags: iss092 | Portaprompt | teleprompting | Jon Hilton#
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Launching the Local Newsroom
Neil Hutchins# aQ Broadcast recently colaberated with Mustard TV for their launch of the UK's second Local TV channel
Tags: iss092 | aQ Broadcast | Mustard TV | Local TV | Neil Hutchins#
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Is bingeing the new black?
Dick Hobbs. Dick Hobbs and binge viewing
Tags: iss092 | Binge viewing | dick hobbs | Dick Hobbs.
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Innovative prompting
Brian Larter Brian Larter answers questions on prompting
Tags: iss092 | CueScript | prompting | Brian Larter
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Keeping it real
Will Strauss# Will Strauss keeps it real in a virtual reality world
Tags: iss092 | Sky | BBC | Virtual Reality | Will Strauss#
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