Mobile internet connectivity in the field

Bill Nardi

Author: Bill Nardi

Published 7th September 2017

Mobile internet connectivity in the field

i Mobile Internet connectivity is critical to the success of remote news crews. Whether they\'re doing a reporting assignment for news, sports, or live events, they need a strong and reliable Internet connection. To have an edge over their competition and get content to air faster, crews need to be able to work just as if they were in the studio, but from the field.

They need to be able to upload large files such as raw footage and edited packages or download B-roll and graphics. Crews need to access their newsroom systems so they can quickly edit in the field saving time for revision and further editing. All of this helps to streamline remote and production workflows with the result of getting content to air faster.

But to achieve this, news crews need to adopt new and advanced technology that provides fast, secure, and reliable mobile connectivity to both the public Internet and private networks that may be behind a firewall.

Every field journalist knows that typical Internet access from a single cellular connection such as a Mi-Fi or a smartphone hotspot has limitations: signals can degrade or drop due to network congestion or poor carrier coverage depending on location. Therefore, the technology that crews adopt should leverage ultra-broadband connectivity that is created by blending multiple transmission paths including cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and so on, as well as from multiple network providers. This is where the Dejero Gateway solution comes in. Dejero Gateway gives news crews fast, reliable, and secure access to the public Internet and private networks while in the field by blending together multiple IP connections. The result is an ultra-broadband connection that provides enough bandwidth so that news crews can do their jobs in the field.

The Gateway solution includes an in-vehicle router, proprietary network blending software, cellular connectivity services, Dejero\'s cloud-based management system (Dejero Control), network management and 24/7 technical support from Dejero.

Leveraging Dejero\'s patented network blending technology, Gateway creates a single, fast, reliable, and secure virtual network connection. This blending of networks dynamically and intelligently manages the routing of packets to minimize the effects of fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences on individual IP connections.

Using the ultra-broadband blended network created by Gateway, now news crews can operate as if they\'re working in the station while they\'re in the field. They can access their newsroom and media asset management systems, search and download archived footage, edit their packages, and quickly upload large video files, all while working remotely.

This means crews can quickly respond to breaking news and travel from one location to another without having to go back to the station or wait for long file transfers. The result is the ability to provide more content.

Nowadays, reliably accessing the Internet remotely using new and advanced technology has become imperative in a world where broadcasters are expected to be first to air or online with content to maintain their competitive edge. Now with the Gateway solution from Dejero featuring network blending technology, broadcasters can extend their workflow further into the field and be confident that their Internet connection is reliable.

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