Post Production gear guide - what new products to watch out for in 2015

Beth Zarkhosh

Author: Beth Zarkhosh

Published: 01 February 2015

by Beth Zarkhosh Issue 97 - January 2015 With 2015 now upon us what better way to start by being in the know with all the latest gear for video editing? We all know the editing process can be a stressful one, so having the right equipment and being organised will help you to become more productive this year.
So what\'s new for 2015 in the world of video editing? With rumours of 8K HD Monitors, super large external hard drives, backlit editing keyboards and new cameras, it\'s going to be an exciting year ahead.
Let\'s start off with one of the most important aspects of video editing; the mighty monitor. LG recently launched the world\'s first 4K OLED TV set and they\'re continuing their quest for more pixels by launching a new PC monitor aimed squarely at editors. The new 8K Ultra HD PC monitor is rumoured to be launched in early 2015 and will feature a whopping 33 million pixels. Compare that to a standard 4K monitor which features just 8.2 million pixels. The question is, will your PC be able to handle it?
Next up, the humble hard drive. If you are looking for the latest and greatest hard drive to add to your editing process the LaCie D2 Thunderbolt 2 is a cut above the rest. It features a sophisticated design by renowned designer Neil Poulton and the internal of this drive is just as beautiful as the external. With up to a 1150MB/s speed for video editing and your choice of a 7200RPM or SSD disks, this nifty hard drive is a must in your suite, the drive is currently being offered with up to 8TB of storage in a surprisingly small package. Being able to stand the hard drive upright, horizontally or even stackable makes it even more of a desk friendly proposition for those \'neat freak\' editors.
If you\'re the type of editor who sits at your desk for 6+ hours a day, you might be causing your body some serious damage, so this year, why not improve your back health and invest in a new \'Standing Desk Adapter\' from Varidesk. The company\'s new desk adapters have been on the rise, since it has now become Danish law that all large companies in Denmark must provide rising or standing desks, to prevent bad backs.
The Varidesk Pro Plus is an adjustable riser that allows workers to switch from a seated position to a stood up one. Studies have proved that standing up whilst working at your computer can improve energy levels and burn calories which make this product a winner, especially after the festive period!

Also this year sees the exciting launch of the world\'s first backlit editing keyboard by us at Editors Keys. The keyboard enables editors to speed up their editing process by up to 40% and eases eye strain caused by badly lit editing studios. The keyboards display shortcut tools for popular editing programs such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer. The keyboard is definitely a must have product for editors worldwide.
You may already be filming with a GoPro, but this year Panasonic are hoping to break into the action camera market. They\'ve created the Panasonic HXA500 4K which is a strong competitor to GoPro\'s Hero 4. The cheaper camera will make it a strong contender in the market. It features 4K resolution, image stabilizer and a built in LCD screen. This is one of the many 4K camera devices that are bursting into the industry and it seems there are many more to come.
If you know of any more new and ground-breaking ideas that are storming the video editing world we\'d love to hear about them! Tweet us at @editorskeys
So all the best with your editing in 2015 and may your post production process be as smooth as possible!

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