Yonsei Church Preaches to the Masses

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Published: 25 August 2016

Yonsei Church Preaches to the Masses

Yonsei Central Baptist Church in Seoul is a thriving church community on a massive scale. Having outgrown several previous buildings, the church purchased a 9.8 acre plot of land in order to build a church big enough to house its congregation, which amounts to hundreds of thousands of members. The church building itself covers 427,000 square feet. The site also houses an Education Center, which is serving the community with Christian education, as well as 214,000 square foot of World Vision Center, with seven floors, a basement and parking for up to 300 vehicles.

As well as having a massive congregation attending each week, Yonsei church uses video to extend its reach further to tens of thousands of viewers. Every week, the services are broadcast live, as well as broadcasting other content, such as conferences and seminars. This means that every week, the church sends a large number of video files to cable and satellite broadcast stations, ready for broadcast.

This task was proving complicated, so Yonsei Church was looking for a media management solution to ensure the right stations had the right videos at the right time, and in the right format. At the end of 2015, Yonsei Church made the switch from SD to HD. Ensuring a file-based workflow in preparation for that move was important and one of the main catalysts for this project.

Yonsei Church enlisted the help of systems integrator, Digital Rich and integrated Cantemo Portal to make that process much more efficient.

The team at Yonsei Church uses Final Cut Pro X to edit the video files and ready them for transmission to various broadcasters. Therefore, being able to integrate with Final Cut Pro X and continue to use this familiar environment was really crucial. Cantemo Portal\'s integration means that whilst the editors are working within Final Cut Pro X, Cantemo is busy in the background ensuring the content is effectively managed, moved, transcoded etc, according to pre-determined rules.

The nature of the video files is very unique and therefore the church has setup a number of its own custom metadata fields within the software, to describe the types of files and content. Automatic transcoding at export was another important feature for Yonsei, ensuring that the video files will be in the right format for its delivery partners without them having to go through that process manually.

As the media library continues to expand, Yonsei is also looking to expand storage capabilities and integrate any new storage solutions, ensuring an intelligent workflow right through to archive. It is also planning to expand that to cover an existing tape archive, meaning those archived files can be accessed much more easily.

In the near future, Yonsei plans to establish a number of rules using Cantemo\'s Rules Engine 3. The Rules Engine App allows for custom automations and the creation of advanced rules and workflows. This means that a number of its file movement processes can be handled automatically, such as moving files to archive, for example. It also makes it possible to determine access control rights and processing and movement of assets depending on associated metadata.

Yonsei Church has an absolutely enormous following, both on site and via its video feeds to viewers around the world. Its use of video in this way is truly inspirational and a great example of a non-video orientated company making use of video as an invaluable tool to extend its reach. For these types of companies, traditional Media Asset Management simply won\'t work, it needs to be as simple and agile as they are!

Yonsei Church Preaches to the Masses



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