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KITPLUS prides itself on direct, human support. We don't use automated answering systems with long messages and options and the person answering the call is more than likely able to assist you or will be able to put you through to someone who can.
FAQs (if you have a question please email

Q: How do I add News to the Kitplus Pressroom?
A: Please watch the video below that will take you step-by-step through the process of adding news:

Q: I've paid for credits but they don't show up on my account?

A: This is a very occasional bug we experience on the site, if this happens then simply log out of KITPLUS and log back in again and you'll see the credits there. Apologies - we are working for a 100% fix.

Q: I have HIDDEN one of my adverts - how do i view it again to renew it?

A: The easiest way is to view your adverts in the LIST view and then search by using the STATUS column - just click STATUS to show EXPIRES advert at the top. Hidden adverts will appear as EXPIRED to viewers so just click on RENEW on the advert you wish to bring back.

Q: The menu's on some pages are very untidy and don't seem to work as I expect

A: Check your browser version, if using Internet Explorer make sure its version 8 or above - you can check version by pressing help / about.

Q: Delighted to say we have sold the camera in double quick time- how do I mark the ad as SOLD?

A: Just log in, press My Adverts and pick the one you want to remove. There will be an option to HIDE the advert. This will place a sold sign on the ad and remove it from the main site

Q: I have several expired ads that I'd like to put on the site again at a different price. How do I do this?

A: Log in to KITPLUS and select MY ADVERTS from the top menu. Now click on HIDDEN/EXPIRED ADVERTS and you will see the ones that have expired. You will see a option on the right side of each item "UNHIDE" - when you press this it will edit the advert, simply change the info you want and either pay with credits on your accounts or via PAYPAL. Don't forget it will be cheaper in the long run to buy credits in bulk if you have more than a few items to sell.

Q: I have a number of items which I may be interested in listing on KITPLUS and was looking to see how much this would cost. I read on your T&Cs that credits can be purchased for this but was unable to see how much a typical advert would cost. Can you advise any further please?

A: If you log in (register first), and go to MY KITPLUS you will see the menu on the left side. There is an option to BUY CREDITS. Click here and you will see the costs plus a link to a credits calculator. Typically an advert with an image for 90 days is 10 credits which costs £15. you can either pay as you go or the more credits you buy the cheaper it all becomes with most people buying 100 credits for £80, bringing your advert with picture down to just £8.

Q: Please can you clarify the process & cost to advertise for sale an Arri redhead kit in soft case. What are the credits how do they work etc.

A: Credits are an option that you can buy and then exchange for various types of adverts. For example you may choose to buy 100 credits and then spend these as and when you add an advert. Adverts cost different amount depending on the number of images and duration etc.

Alternatively if you just want to pay as you go you can compile your advert, youll see a cost, and then you can pay by credit card or PAYPAL account if you have one.

So just register, log in, add advert, input the information, see preview and then pay by paypal or card...


Register, log in, buy credits, then add advert, see preview and then select pay by credits this will deduct the amount from your account that it requires to pay for the advert. This is a cheaper option in the long run but makes no difference if its a one-off advert.

Q: I don't have a PAYPAL account

A: Don't worry, just select PAYPAL as your preferred method of payment and when you land on their page there will be an option to use a credit card without a PAYPAL account.

Q: I don't have a credit card

A: If you would like to call us then we can send you a pro-forma invoice for bank transfer payment. We have a minimum charge of £150 (200 credits) for this service as KITPLUS is designed to be fully automated and hence this method does involve manual admin and bank charges. Call +44 (0) 1635 237 237 or email

Q: I'm just putting some expired ads back on the site. Previously, I had "make an offer" but now I'd like to put a price on for the items. How do I do this?

A: You just log-in, go to My Adverts, select the Hidden/Expired advertisements, press ACTIVATE on the right side of the advert in question, you will see and edit view of the item and you can then simply enter a value in the price field, then click save and youll see the preview then you should be done.

Q: What options are there for accepting payment from buyers on KITPLUS? Or is payment between buyer and seller, for example a cheque?

A: Payment is strictly between the buyer and seller. Most people will want to either see more photos of the goods or actually visit in person, most often with cash. Beware of cheques until they are cleared and you confirm with your bank that the money cannot be withdrawn. Bank transfers are good but again double check with your bank prior to releasing the goods that the money is yours.

Q: I'm upgrading and need to sell my Sony DSR-500 + lens. How do I do this through KITPLUS?

A: If you only have one item to sell then i would recommend you just register for the site and then press the top menu "MY KITPLUS"

On the left menu you will see ADD ADVERT

Simply fill in the required fields and then view preview

You will then be invited to pay via the PAYPAL route - you can also use this option for credit card payment.

Q: Make sure Windows Live Hotmail doesn't ban important mail as junk

A: To prevent Hotmail from banning important messages as spam:

Select Options

More Options... from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar (or just Options if you use Windows Live Hotmail classic).

Follow the Safe and blocked senders link under Junk e-mail.

Click Safe senders.

Type the email address or domain you want to put on the Safe senders list in the Sender or domain to mark as safe: entry field.

Q: I've paid for credits but they don't show up on my account?

A: This is a very occasional bug we experience on the site, if this happens then simply log out of tv-bay and log back in again and you'll see the credits there. Apologies - we are working for a 100% fix.

Q: My credits don't show on my page after i paid for them?

A: There is occasionally an odd problem, normally with Google Chrome where this occurs. Please log-out of KITPLUS and then log back in again and you'll see the credits there.
If you have a question please email