VPR - VIDEO PRESS RELEASE - What it is and how to add one

KitPlus TV is a channel for the pro video and broadcast industry and every week has a news round up show featuring news (press releases - PR) added to the KitPlus Pressroom. In 2021 the show has evolved to include video inserts from those companies featured in the news. This section will explain it all!

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REGISTRATION: How to register with KitPlus

Registering with Kitplus will give you the opportunity to access all the benefits we offer, most popular being adding items for sale, sending messages, adding press releases, changing your promotional banners and in this video we'll show you the process.

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ABOUT KITPLUS: The company, what we do and how we do it

Thanks for wanting to find out a bit more about KitPlus. We’re a small team of people dedicated to the pro video and broadcast industry, the technology, the people and the events. In this video we'll talk you through the website to give you an idea of who we are.

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SELLING KIT: How to advertise equipment for sale on KitPlus

This video will guide you through advertising an item for sale on KitPlus, I’m going to assume you have registered and you’ve logged into your kitplus account, if you’re not then check out the other videos that process if you’re not sure.

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CREDITS OR PAYG: What is the difference in paying for advertising with credits or pay as you go?

So if you’re advertising items for sale then, unless you are a dealer with a kitplus agreement, then you’ll need to pay us something. This is all you will pay though, there is no commission or anything else once the advert is online and active, you can do this by paying as you go or by using credits and this video will show you the difference.

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PRESS RELEASES: How to add a press release on KitPlus

This video will explain about the kitplus pressroom. We accept press releases from marketing and public relations companies, manufactures, dealers and anyone with a news in our industry. It is free of charge and could be exported on a Wednesday evening to be added to the KitPlus TV news show which airs each Monday.

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