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More functionality for editing in a multiformat world W ith each new release, Grass Valley EDIUS® multiformat nonlinear editing software continues to get better and better, and more popular with editors the world over. The latest version (6.06), adds significant increases in system performance and valuable new third- party compatibility that make an editors job faster and more efficient. HDSPARK Pro, STORM Mobile editing platforms, as well as video output in 1080 50i/60i format. The new software includes new hardware drivers that provide support for 1080 50p/60p projects on the Grass Valley HDSPARK, The new software version also features improved compatibility with XDCAM MXF files stored on SxS solid-state memory cards. Also included is support New software interface for MADI-8 Audio Monitor Wohler Technologies today announced a new software interface for the company’s MADI-8 in- rack audio monitor that allows for control and quick reconfiguration of channel presets from any PC. With the new software, operators now have the ability to name any or all of the 64 available channels and then assign them up to eight available presets. Configurations can be saved as files on the set- up application, so operators can instantly recall channel names and presets from previous events and assign them to other MADI-8 units. “MADI-8 was the world’s first in-rack MADI monitor to offer simultaneous monitoring of up to eight channels,” said Jeff McNall, product manager at Wohler. “Now, with this new channel- naming and preset configuration application, the unit provides even more convenience in high- volume monitoring applications.” 10 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Theres also a new and improved workflow for P2 camera/source deck users, giving them the ability within EDIUS to create waveform files in a project folder not on the removable media and delay creating waveform cache files until required. Introducing a new go-anywhere light source N ew to the Ianiro UK range of lighting equipment is the Foton, a small, lightweight and versatile variable-beam unit. It is powerful, inexpensive and waterproof. Manufactured by PRG, the Foton is a highly colour-accurate digital light source designed specifically for motion picture, broadcast and professional photography. Producing a 95+ colour rendering index (CRI), the Foton virtually eliminates the challenges of lighting with the discontinuous spectrum inherent in for Sonys XDCAM STATION with the latest XDS firmware (1.14) upgrade. For the first time, EDIUS users can take advantage of third-party hardware, with support for the Black Magic Design Intensity Pro capture card. EDIUS 6.06 also supports the latest version of QuickTime (7.7). Registered EDIUS 6.0 or above users can upgrade to version 6.06 for free by making sure their current version is registered at most LED lighting sources. Instead, completely natural-looking light is generated using remote phosphor technology, requiring no colour correction, while correlating perfectly with professional light and colour meters. Impressively, it is dimmable from 0% To 100% with no colour shift. The Foton is a 1.3Kg go-anywhere light. It is able to operate at temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees while its sealing means it is suitable for use unprotected in wet locations, being able to withstand water saturation. Cost-saving features include an estimated 50,000 hour life, and, in spite of its 1,000 lumen output, the Foton draws less than 30 watts and requires no cooling fans. This is achieved despite employing a direct- drive array that eliminates flicker at any frame rate. Flexible options include both Ac and Dc-powered versions and a variable beam angle of 10 to 120using quick-connect reflectors. For more details, please contact Ianiro UK or see it in action at www. where Nick demonstrates it at BVE North.