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Mike Grieve joins TSL L eading international systems integrator TSL has appointed Mike Grieve as its sales director. Mike, who is already at his desk at TSL, joined from Quantel following a long career in broadcast technology which also included Filmlight and Autodesk. Loudness compliance toolkit B erlin based Junger Audio has risen to the compliance challenge set by the EBUs latest loudness recommendations with a toolkit of 8, 4 and 2 channel digital audio processors. Each processor incorporates Jungers Level Magic II loudness control algorithm that complies with EBU R128, ITU and ATSC A/85 broadcast audio recommendations. R128 specifies that Programme Loudness Levels should be normalised to a Target Level of -23.0 LUFS (Loudness Units referenced to Full scale). The Junger Audio range is distributed in the UK by Aspen Media Solutions for fiber transmission Turner Studios, the in- house production facility of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, has upgraded its Atlanta, Georgia Studios by choosing a LYNX Technik fiber solution to improve the HD video distribution over 204 single mode fiber I/O paths to four of their six studios. An innovative range of SMART fibre O xygen DCT has introduced a range of fibre optic cable that is breaking new ground in terms of reliability, practicality and performance. Know as SMART Fibre, this new cable range is the only system in the world that features a Multimedia Interface (MMI), which gives signal and cable status and 18 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE diagnostic information that is beneficial in terms of checking the fibre links for integrity and warning of potential errors. The benefits of this system are obvious because any breakdown in the signal path can be immediately identified, says Oxygen DCTs managing director Steve Hathaway. It effectively gives broadcasters a safety net by alerting them to any signal failure problems in good time to take corrective action, which is import in fibre links because they may be carrying multiple channels of video, audio and other data on a single fibre. SMART Fibre, which was premiered by Oxygen DCT at IBC 2011 and BVE North, has already been adopted by Sky News.