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Shooting high speed in 3D Photron SA2 plus 300mm lenses S lowmo high speed camera hire has been running successfully since 2003. In that time, it has literally filmed everything you can think of in slow motion, covering a range of diverse broadcast applications such as filming the effects of explosives on aircraft to a Pepsi drinks commercial. It did its first 3D shoot in 2010 for the film TT3D: Closer to the Edge. Slowmo spent a week in the Isle of Man with two Photron SA2 HD cameras, which were mounted on a mirror rig to capture the motorcyclists at 1000fps. In 2011, Slowmo has provided 2 x Photron BC2 HD cameras for a 3D production involving all kinds of bugs and insects. Imagine a trap door spider leaping out at you in 3D and you get the picture. In September 2011, gymnast Louis Smith was filmed in 3D performing a routine on the pommel horse. With the Olympics approaching, Slowmo expects more sporting based 3D shoots to happen in 2012. Major sponsors such as Sony and BMW would expect their brand to be showcased via the very latest filming techniques. Hiring a single broadcast quality HD high speed camera is not cheap however Slowmo, with the support of Photron Europe Ltd, believes it can offer a really good cost effective solution. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 21