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mtf Great Lens? State of the art camera? Let’s bring them together. Tel: 020 8881 7850 Chosen by Sony for NAB & IBC 2011 The worlds first Nikon and Canon adaptors for the New Sony PMW-F3. The Nikon G to F3, Canon FD to F3 and Canon EF to F3 adaptors are now available from our online store Canon EF version now available A standout product at IBC 2011 Coming end of November The MTF EFFECT EF Full Exposure Control Terminal Modular Canon EF adaptor system with electronic aperture control One control unit, choice of 3 mounts for the F3, FS-100 and AF101 LCD clearly displays focal length and aperture for both primes and zooms Adjusts aperture in 1/8th stop increments The worlds first PL and Nikon to Sony E mount adaptors With our own stainless steel E Mount, these adaptors allows the use of any PL or Nikon lens on the Sony NEX-3, NEX-5 and the VG10 and the Sony NEX-FS100 Canon EF version now available MTF are an authorised dealer for the following brands. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 27