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In comparison to a 2D HD radio camera, the video data rate is doubled in the 3D system to assure the picture quality for each HD-SDI camera output. The video from each eye, the left and the right, is similar to a “regular” 2D HD link. Their wireless camera control system allows for various 3D and camera parameters to be controlled remotely from the OB truck. This way the stereographer has full control of the 3D settings such as convergence for Sony TD300, while the vision engineer has access to all the camera’s paint functions using the manufacturer’s control panel – in this case the Sony RCP1500. Broadcast RF have 3D RF solutions for every 3D camera system on the market today including 3ality, Technica, P+S and now the Sony TD300. STEREO LABS Broadcast RF’s 3D system was designed to achieve excellent 3D picture quality and full remote control for the TD300 camera as well as all major stereoscopic rigs (3ality Technica, P+S). Live 3D mulit- camera production S TEREOLABS have announced the release of PURE Commander, the first multi-camera 3D management system in the industry. PURE Commander is a centralized master control system that provides the ability to monitor and control up to 8 camera 3D axis from one single location. PURE Commander gathers geometric, color and depth data from a network of stereo image processors to offer all the information needed to enable fast decision-making and improve the quality of live 3D broadcasts. PURE Commander monitors geometry, color and depth status of all 3D cameras in real-time. The stereographer is warned immediately if one system generates uncomfortable 3D images. Depth transitions can be handled smoothly, as the depth structure shot by up to 8 cameras is displayed at the same time on one single monitor. HIT, interaxial and convergence values for each camera pair are also transmitted, so the stereographer can make sure depth balance across cameras is achieved when a cut is called. Housed in a compact 1RU rackmount, the system’s embedded design ensures sustained performance and reliability during operations. System control is provided directly on the front panel or remotely through a web interface. >> BRADLEY TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 49