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Coming soon, yet another new adaptor from MTF Now you can use 2/3” B4 lenses on: Canon 7D, Canon C300, Sony PMW-F3, Sony FS-100 Cameras In a collaboration with Alister Chapman, MTF have announced a new modular optical adaptor. The basic B4 2/3” to Canon EF adaptor allows the use of B4 lenses on the Canon7D MKII and the new canon C300 cameras. In conjunction with one of MTF’s  “cold” Canon EF adaptors, it can also be used with either the Sony FS-100 or the Sony PMW-F3 Full coverage of the image sensor is achieved with the lens own 2X extender engaged and working in tandem with the optics in the adaptor. The system was tested recently by Simon Livingstone of Karmacrew, “We were out in a launch on the river Thames for a couple of hours as well as numerous interviews and GVs around Putney wharf area. I was very happy with the performance of the adaptor.  As you will see from the pictures I used a late model J17 Canon lens and felt that it’s performance was very good.  I only took the lens off at the very end of the day when we were running out of light, not easy to do with an F3, and for the final interview of the day swapped back to my usual Nikon 24-70 G series lens to get the extra couple of stops out of the system. The last interview we did with the broadcast lens was after sunset in the golden few minutes we had and using all the gain in the camera I got a nicely exposed picture in very low light.  The producer who was new to the F3 was amazed that we didn’t have to put up lights so even with the loss through the adaptor and having the extender in the lens it is still possible to shoot in low light conditions. I look forward to early in the new year when we can buy one of these adaptors to keep, I was very impressed with it.” The MTF B4 to Canon EF adaptor will be shipping early January, price to be announced shortly Avid introduces interplay MAM 4 for enterprise media management AVID have announced the latest version of the company’s enterprise media management solution, Interplay® MAM (Media Asset Manager). Avid Interplay MAM 4 increases the value of media by making it easier to find, repurpose, and distribute while coordinating and automating production processes. Shipping high-performance archive server Cache-A Corporation is now shipping its new high-performance Power-Cache Archive Server, which includes Cache-As latest version 2.1 software release with a range of new features.  Power-Cache combines Cache- As noted appliance functionality with a blindingly fast disk array and ultra-fast networking for more expandability and accelerated archive and retrieval transfers.  Power-Cache features a separate SSD drive for its operating system to ensure peak archiving and restore performance and reliability at all times.  It also offers greater flexibility for staging content, making duplicate tape copies and working with Cache-A Library and Expansion units. 10 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE