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Archaeology documentary with Litepanels MicroPro “ Dark, dangerous and wet” is how cinematographer Stephen Bean describes the working conditions during his most recent film project, a documentary titled “The Undo Cave expedition 2011”.  Stephen Bean has made research documentaries his specialty and has already shot numerous archeology films under extreme conditions. However, the documentary in the Undo Cave in South Caucasus still proved to be a great challenge for the experienced cinematographer. “To make filming in the complete darkness of the cave passages possible at all, we had to rely on dependable lighting equipment,” says Bean. “That’s why the MicroPro camera light by Litepanels was the perfect companion for our project.” “The light can be easily mounted on the camera, is compact and really lightweight,” explains Bean who often had to worm his way through the narrow passageways of the cave on his knees or in a crouched position. Fortunately, the MicroPro is small and lightweight as well as being extremely robust. “During filming, I really put the light to the test. I touched the walls or the ceiling in the narrow cave with the light several times. Once, it even fell down. But the light took the hits. The damp environment was also no obstacle for it,” says Bean. MediorNet Compact Linked battery charging - an industry first P AG have introduced a new PAGlink charger, designed for linked battery charging. The PAGlink PL16 Charger is the ideal location charger for PAGlink V-Mount Li-Ion batteries. Up to 16 PAGlink batteries can be charged simultaneously, 8 per channel, on this new, high-powered, compact, two-position charger.  PAGlink is the only camera battery system that allows batteries to be linked together in multiples. Two, three, or up to eight batteries can be linked, combining capacities for longer camera run-time, and providing up to 12A current for power hungry broadcast, digital cinematography, high-definition and 3D camera set-ups. The linked batteries form a high-speed serial network that controls discharging and allows charging to take place while the batteries are linked.  At the end of a shoot, simply link your PAGlink batteries and connect them to the PL16 charger. The next day, they will be fully charged and ready to go. 50G Real-Time Media Network ISE d C52 , Stan 1 Hall 1 BVE 2, Court Earls H60 nd Sta • Synchronized 50G real-time network for 3G/HD/SD-SDI video, audio, data & intercom at the price of multiplexing point-to- point fi ber products • Flexible signal routing incl. point- to-multipoint • Integrated Frame Store Synchronizer, Embedder/ De-Embedder, Test Pattern Generator, On-Screen Display & Timecode Insertion at every port • Fully compatible with Artist, RockNet and modular MediorNet systems TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 07