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WELCOME How to subscribe All subscription enquiries UK and overseas online at: subscribe ISSUE: 62 FEBRUARY 2012 W Magazine Office PO Box 6090, Newbury, RG14 9BB, UK elcome to this month’s tv-bay Magazine, the broadcast equipment guide. This issue is the first look of the year at acquisition and is themed on lenses, grip and lighting together with all the essential add-ons these products attract. Editor Simon Tillyer, Production Editor Matt Robbins, UK manufacturing, as we all know, isn’t in the best shape of all time but I was fortunate enough recently to drag Mike Tapa away from his designs and get to spend some time with MTF at their new home in the Chocolate Factory, North London. If you have a lens adapter problem, you currently use MTF or even if you’ll never go near a lens then we’ll give you an insight into his business, which is totally “made in Britain” from concept to delivery, of which over 80% is export, on page 76. LED lighting features highly these days on most DoP’s shopping list so we decided that a chat with Jonathan Harrison was long overdue to evaluate the current state of the industry. Jonathan is well respected around the world and has long been critical of LED products and the claims made by some. Get the full story on page 60. So it is of course BVE (Broadcast Video Expo) time and either you’re reading this at the show or it’s all over for another year and you’ll have missed the last ever at Earl’s Court. If you are in the former category though then take a flick through our latest BVE news pages while you have a coffee to make sure you don’t miss a thing at the UK’s largest showcase of over 300 exhibitors alongside the free high end seminar content. It goes without saying that you’ll have a warm welcome on the tv-bay stand (stand no. M60) so please drop by and let us know what you’d like to be reading in your tv-bay in 2012. We’ll be in your region in March partnering with Visual Impact on the Look Listen Experience so come and see the tv-bay regulars with live seminars as well as regionally specific subjects. You can sign up here www.looklistenexperience. com or just scan this QR code... Enjoy this issue, Switchboard +44 (0)1635 237 237 Simon Tillyer, Tv-bay +44 (0)1635 237237 Advertising Jonathan Highett, Accounts Lucy Turner, Subscriptions Layout and artwork Dan Butler, +44 (0)1635 250 968 Back copies Can be seen online at... Hard copies available from the office on request. Website Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all advertisements and other items in this publication, TV-BAY can accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions or incorrect insertions. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of TV-BAY. E&OE Terms & conditions available at: Copyright 2004-2012. All trademarks acknowledged. NEED TO CALL US? +44 (0)1635 237 237 Technology, expertise, and opinion... David Kirk Bob Pank Robin Palmer Peter Savage Emma Hay Dick Hobbs Page 38 Page 44 Page 46 Page 50 Page 52 Page 114 Performance and Safety for Peace of Mind * Cost Effective Unpopulated Raid Storage * Prices Starting From £40 + Vat * 1TB Up To 24TB Capacity * Raid 0/1/5/6/10/50/60 Distributor Tel: +44 (0)20 8868 2479 Cover shot featuring a range of MTF lens adaptors Stand F30 TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 03