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FOR ANY MONITORING ENVIRONMENT Title options are extremely flexible in sizing and positioning Embedded audio meter can be superimposed inside or outside the picture area External audio inputs for bar graph displays SV-MV-QUAD SV-SM-8 SV-SM-12 SV-SM-16 Front control panel standard FULL-FEATURED, COMPACT & VERY VERSATILE: THE COMPLETE MULTI-VIEWER • • • • • • • • • 1RU multi-viewer with up to 16 inputs HD-SDI, SDI, composite, DVI-I inputs - up to 3G 1080p DVI-I output up to 1080p60 (1920x1080) in 16:9 Genlocked inputs for flicker-free and full frame operation Generates safe area markers, real-time clocks/timers, & alarm indicators Stores & displays bitmap graphics/images; reads & displays time-code Analog audio monitor output Streamed audio monitor output via LAN Generates audio bargraphs together with phase indication For further product information. International customers: visit for your local distributor UK: Tel +44(0) 1296330011 E-mail Website © 2012 Kramer Electronics Ltd. All rights reserved. SierraView is a trademark of Sierra Video, a Kramer Electronics Company.