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CONTENTS ISSUE: 62 FEBRUARY 2012 FEATURES LENSES, LIGHTING AND GRIP 76 A morning with 60 LED - a clean light MTF… Tv-bay visits Mike and his team at the end of the tunnel...  At last! 64 LED technology: 82 BACK TO BASICS: How to choose your grip and support system the ‘hot’ topic for technicians and lighting designers 66 Feature focus with Octica and Polecam 68 Andrew McLean’s guide to lenses 68 REGULARS NEWS 34 Ask the expert 52 Exhibition travel with Jay Hollisey 38 Eye to Eye Commentaries February is where it’s at with Emma this month 54 44 3D Diaries Cameras, more for less? 46 3 D Tech Robin is unconvinced by some conversions 50 Finance Peter Savage and the double dip tv-bay questions David looks at what’s new in lighting Sam Usher, Red Handed TV LTD 56 Training With Graham Reed on the topic of recognising qualifications 114 Dick Hobbs gets hands on... 06 Industry news 11 World news 16 BVE updates 28 Cabsat preview 30 Look Listen Experience latest 32 BVE in the video on-demand era Read the full news at com/news and for latest updates follow @tvbaynews on Twitter Lenses, Lighting and Grip ... Ben Darby Jay Hollisey Mark B Brown Graham Reed Jonathan Harrison Andrew McLean Page 32 Page 34 Page 48 Page 56 Page 60 Page 68 Search all previous articles at 04 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE