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>> Eye-to-Eye What’s new in lighting? Dedolight Dedolight’s Felloni is a 324-element rainproofed LED panel measuring approximately 30 x 30 x 8 cm. Features include daylight, tungsten or dual colour temperature, 15/30/50 degree beam angle, attachable dimmer module and removable diffuser. Litepanels Litepanels’ SOLA 4 is a 30 watt daylight LED fixture with a 10 cm Fresnel lens. It has a 5600 Kelvin colour temperature and is claimed to provide the luminance output of a 250 watt tungsten or 150 watt HMI head. Weighing 62 grammes, it can be powered from AC (120-240 volts) or DC (via XLR). The fixture has no external ballast so there is no re-strike down time before being re-illuminated. Also new is the Hilio LED 5600 Kelvin soft light, claimed to be suitable for use over a 6 to 7.5 metre distance. Hilio has a 6 x 12 array of 72 daylight LEDs focused to a 15 degree beam angle. Power consumption is 125 watts and output brightness is specified as comparable with a 1 kilowatt tungsten or 650 watt HMI. Gekko Gekko’s kedo SK is a Fresnel-focused LED hard source available in daylight (5600 kelvin) or tungsten (3200 kelvin) variants and designed to work in an ambient temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius. Power consumption is 180 watts and claimed output intensity is comparable with a 1 kilowatt tungsten source. An integral Fresnel-based optic provides a focal range of 6:1. Intensity can be controlled on the lamp itself or via DMX. Kino Flo Lighting Systems Kino Flo Lighting Systems’ Tegra 4Bank LED softlight features onboard dimming and switching, remote dimming, universal input voltage, power factor correction, plus integrated barndoors with newly designed hinge and honeycomb louvre. It is claimed to produce as much light as a 1 kilowatt tungsten softlight while using only one tenth the amount of power. The fixture takes 2900, 3200 and 5500 Kelvin lamps. Photon Beard Photon Beard is aiming to increase the options available for content-producers looking for a complete low energy studio solution. There are still several lighting situations where hot tungsten has remained the preferred source for reasons of shear power. To address this, Photon Beard will be launching two completely new accessories for its 440 watt Highlight fluorescent lights. The first is an asymmetrical metal hood designed to provide even illumination down a cyclorama of up to 6 metres height. Also to be offered is a skirt and fabric diffuser that will convert the 440 watt unit into a fluorescent space light. Photo Beard claims that this has the potential to replace a 3 kilowatt tungsten unit with the advantage that it can be either tungsten or daylight balanced while also offering full DMX control with very little change in colour temperature. 40 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE >>