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LED A clean light at the end of the tunnel! We asked DoP &  Lighting Specialist Jonathan Harrison to evaluate the current state of the industry. J onathan has long been critical of LED products and the claims made by manufacturers in regards to their performance for high quality professional image capture, he has also been intimately involved in the development of some of the leading industry LED products: “To be fair,  the LED  is still very new as an image capture light source and  can potentially offer  some great benefits to film and broadcast image makers.  However, the best of the recent crop of available products have all had some fundamental drawbacks for me, either in practical use or the colour and optical quality. LEDs have had some problem solving properties. For example the small 1’ x 1’ type panels can get you out of a jam on location where battery power is the only option - but do not expect complete or satisfactory skin tones or optical quality that could be classed as aesthetically beautiful photography. For me the importance of any daylight or tungsten source is that I have to be 60 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE able to mix it on a set for extended periods of time with any other source of the same class, and up to now I have not seen this. If you can’t do this then it is a useless tool long term and can downgrade colour fidelity including skin tones - you end up with colour casts that are irremovable from the scene and no manner of clever software will not solve the problem by colour grading. My other contention is with what the artist standing in front of the source has to endure and suffer over sometimes prolonged periods.  A series of magenta spots in front of the eyes for minutes after being in front of a lamp is not funny and to me shows a lack of understanding in the purpose and design of a fixture of this kind. However, is there a light at the end of this tunnel? Maybe several! Blue & Silver clad, reliable technology from Arri have produced a superbly designed “L” Series focusable fixtures that have extremely good properties and work exceptionably well. Gekko have worked extremely hard and produced a series of lamps including the “Ohm” Space Light for PRG. LightPanels have the Sola range that is also getting there fairly well, and Ianiro have developed a mains & battery driven series of fixtures that also solve a few remote location problems as well, but the new kids on the block in terms of New Fixtures come from two of the industry’s leading and most well respected lighting companies in the world, Kinoflo & Dedolight. . . .  at last! I say at last,  as I know how long these instruments take to seriously fine tune their colour spectrum, and knowing the people involved in the development of these tools,  it does not surprise me they have taken their time in delivering to the serious world of image creation,  tools that will deliver in a manner we require. So, what are we getting from them?   I had a privileged viewing of the new Kinoflo offering (only from Hollywood) the “Celeb” to go with the same nomenclature line as the “Diva Light”. The “Celeb” is a lighting fixture that has had a lot of thought put into it and the guys at Kinoflo have thought about its use and the quality of the light output.  It is a Divalight size fixture with a similar output and gives a strong diffuse wraparound light of an colour temperature your heart desires from 2700K to 5500K. Having an in depth knowledge of what >>