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MTV and outside, I use FCP to offline and online right up to the mastering stage. It has proven itself quite flexible in what it can do but something like DaVinci Resolve would help a lot in the grading and colour correction stage.  During your career in post what was the biggest “turning point” into new technology? The biggest turning point during my career has to be the so-called ‘DSLR revolution’, which in my view was a positive thing, giving more people access cinema style cameras. I’m quite a techy guy, but I do not hold technology over the quality of a film’s story or its message. Technology can just be a barrier sometimes, stopping people from looking at their real ideas and work. What is your favourite / least favourite things about working in the industry?  My favourite thing about working in the industry is simply the art and technique of video itself. I don’t particularly think that video as a medium is always used wisely or put to its best use, actually it is very often abused, but you can’t deny the power of the moving image. Perhaps I have answered both questions in that statement! What gets you out of bed to go to work every morning? I think one driving force to always get out of bed and get to work is knowing that you will be dealing with a creative medium. Although you might not always be working on something ground breaking, its good to work amongst others who are passionate about the creative side in general and have ideas of interesting things you can do with video and film.   Perfect Monitoring Even in challenging rooms Applying acoustic treatments to your studio can only achieve so much - particularly when it comes to problem bass frequencies. Genelec DSP monitors work seamlessly with our GLM and AutoCal software, so just a few minutes is all it takes to calibrate your monitors to your mix room – ensuring the reference quality, industry-standard monitoring relied upon by recording musicians and producers the world over. And if your work takes you to different places, it’s good to know that you can take your monitors – and your room – with you. AutoCal ™ 8250A UK distribution by Source • • T: 020 8962 5080 TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 41