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Weapons of Smart Production Atomos Ninja and Samurai field recorders by-pass in-camera compression to record your pristine, uncompressed images straight from your DSLR or camcorder directly to Apple ProRes ® or Avid DNxHD – while you’re recording! ATOMOS SAMURAI FIELD RECORDER, MONITOR PLAYBACK/PLAYOUT DEVICE HD/SD-SDI I/O HD/SD-SDI PLAYOUT Playout to any external HD/SD-SDI device Long record times using HDD or SSD 5.0” MONITOR & TOUCHSCREEN Record on inexpensive 2.5” spinning hard drives or flash- based SSDs for rough terrain. Up to 5 hours in HD on one 500Gb disc! Rec Full-Res HD Playback 16:9 / 800 x 480px Choice of codec Record 10-bit, 4:2:2 post-production quality Avid DNxHD The Samurai and Ninja take any uncompressed HD/SD-SDI video or HDMI video and encodes it in real-time to 10-bit, 4:2:2 Apple ProRes ® or Avid DNxHD. That means no capture required and no time wasted! Mon Record native 24p CONTINUOUS POWER Dual Battery System Record & monitor any HD/SD-SDI or HDMI source Virtually any device receiving or transmitting an HDMI or HD/SD-SDI signal is compatible with the Samurai and Ninja, including cameras, decks, switchers, routers and audio equipment. We have even added the ability to automatically detect and remove 3:2 pulldown and other types of cadence for true 24p, 25p and 30p recording. Play PULL DOWN REMOVAL ATOMOS NINJA FIELD RECORDER, MONITOR & PLAYBACK DEVICE HDMI IN Instant playback, review, playout ^ and broadcast ^ HDMI PLAYBACK Instantly review your HD footage on screen Instantly navigate and review all your clips in pristine HD +PLAYOUT quality via the device monitor, plus the ability to instantly play out and broadcast! Review your clips on-set – on any size screen in uncompressed Apple ProRes ® or Avid DNxHD via SDI or HDMI*. (^Samurai only) Edit 4.3” MONITOR & TOUCHSCREEN Full-Res HD Playback 16:9 / 480 x 272px Instant editing on MAC or PC! Recording Apple ProRes ® Instantly editable in Final Cut, Media Composer, Premiere, EDIUS, Vegas and Lightworks. Simply eject disk and access video using the supplied docking station via USB 2/3 or Firewire ® 800. CONTINUOUS POWER Dual Battery System Continuous Power from Hot-Swappable Batteries THE WORLD’S SMALLEST 3G CONVERTERS Atomos’ dual battery system automatically switches to the second battery when the first is depleted. Swap batteries on the fly without any interruption to your production. Everything you need to get started. . . The converter that fits in your pocket! Conveniently attach to the battery plate of the Ninja, Samurai or other devices, adding continuous conversion while still allowing battery hot-swapping on both devices. Other features include HD/SD-SDI & HDMI connectivity, internal and external battery options, test pattern generator and pulldown removal. Two models available: H2S / S2H. We supply everything (except storage media) in a rugged professional carry case. COMPLETE SAMURAI KIT SHOWN Enquiries: info @ | Sales: sales @ | Support: support @ | ∆ Avid DNxHD codec available as optional extra. ^Playout only available with Samurai. | © ATOMOS Global Pty. Ltd. trading as ATOMOS under license January 2012. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.