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NAB 2012 Tungsten balanced LED Fresnels L itepanels debuted the Inca Series tungsten balanced LED Fresnel fixtures at NAB. The new Inca LED lighting fixtures derive their name from the incandescent lighting fixtures they replace. Inca Fresnels incorporate LEDs that are colour-matched to the incandescent tungsten halogen lighting fixtures still in use in many television stations and teleproduction facilities. The Inca Series makes it possible for a studio to change over from incandescent to LED fixtures in a staged, multi-year plan, rather than having to do so all at once. VR upgrade for FHR-35 head V inten Radamec® has launched a VR upgrade for its recently released FHR-35 head at this year’s NAB.  The Fusion FHR-35 pan and tilt head was launched at IBC2011, and was the first Vinten Radamec product to incorporate the company’s innovative Intelligent Control Engineering (ICE), which delivers unprecedented control and accuracy in an innovative and highly compact form.  The VR upgrade, designed specifically for the robotic controlled FHR-35, provides operators with a highly flexible solution suitable for a broad range of virtual reality applications, from sports to studios. The versatile FHR-35 offers simple and straightforward integration for both the VR vendor and the customer as the pan and tilt head uses Ethernet - or serial output - direct from the head, to transmit positional data to the VR render engine. Introducing AERO.1000 L inear Acoustic(R), the industry leader for digital television loudness control and upmixing introduced its most advanced product to date at this year’s NAB: The AERO.1000. The AERO.1000 comprises up to 8 AEROMAX(R) audio processing engines -- each with UPMAX(R) upmixing, up to 8 Dolby(R) decoders and encoders, up to 8 Nielsen Watermark encoders, 3GHz SDI with included video delay -- all in a compact 1RU package. 18 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE New Vision Blue5 Vinten® showcased its brand new Vision Blue5 pan and tilt head and tripod system for the first time at this year’s NAB The new Vision Blue5 has the same superb functionality as the extremely successful Vision Blue system launched at last year’s NAB, but with a higher carrying capacity of 5.5kg to 12kg @ 100mm CofG. This makes the Vision Blue5 ideal to support the latest generation of larger cameras used by professional videographers. Launching LiveGear V islink launches LiveGear, a new family of IP-centric products to its broadcast portfolio of wireless communication solutions. The LiveGear AirStream provides the power of an ENG news van in a compact and easy to use unit which can be carried by hand, in a shoulder bag or backpack.  Connect your camera to AirStream, and with the push of a button youre on the air; mobile Internet Newsgathering (iNG) has never been easier.  The LiveGear advantage delivers broadcast quality video thats portable, user friendly and cost effective.  No matter your market size, LiveGear is ideal for live coverage of news, sports, politics, and community events.