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Multichannel audio monitoring T SL Professional Products launched its new PAM2 MK2 Multichannel Audio Monitoring Unit (PAM2 3G16 MK2) with an option for the latest in Dolby decoding technologies at NAB this year. New V5 console software S olid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced analogue and digital audio consoles, has announced V5 software for the C100 HDS Digital Broadcast Console at NAB. This new software release will implement a range of features to enable Dual Operator Mode for SSLs C100 HDS specialized broadcast console. While the development of V5 software responds to feedback from a wide range of SSL clients, the upgrade is particularly relevant to mobile installations where complex productions demand two operators but space and weight are at a premium. The PAM2 MK2 delivers a new set of critical features for precision audio monitoring, including an SDI output connection to export display information to an external video monitor, a front- panel USB port for preset save/ recall management and an Ethernet port providing network connectivity to Web browsers and system management software applications. The new platform is built upon TSLs existing award- winning PAM2 features, including loudness-compliance monitoring and audio delay to match video latency, creating a system that helps simplify the complex world of broadcast audio.  PluralEyes 3.0 Be ready for tomorrow at NAB Miranda Technologies Inc. a global provider of integrated solutions for production, playout and delivery systems for television broadcasters and multi-system operators, featured an array of advanced technology demonstrations and theatre presentations at NAB. Leveraging its expertise in building efficient, scalable workflows that enable broadcasters to stay competitive and grow, Miranda’s activities at NAB will feature solutions for some of broadcasters’ most pressing concerns including loudness monitoring and correction, signal management and processing, automated content versioning for Video On Demand (VOD) assets and graphics capabilities integrated with traditional and automated playout. The Miranda booth will feature demonstrations that include many of its well-known infrastructure, monitoring and playout products working in concert to enable greater efficiencies for broadcasters and keep them prepared for growth in the future. S ingular Software, a developer of workflow automation applications for video production, demonstrated the brand new PluralEyes version 3.0 at NAB. The impressive new PluralEyes 3.0 sync automation workflow provides a brand new interactive workspace that visually displays the sync process and media clip locations as it unfolds, making it the definitive productivity enhancer for video editors. And when the sync is complete, editors can easily confirm its accuracy and proceed to the creative editing phase with confidence. 20 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Technology for Avid Motion Graphics Platform Brainstorm Multimedia have announced that it has provided real-time rendering technology for Avid’s next-generation graphics platform, Avid Motion Graphics (AMG), which made its global debut at NAB. Brainstorm’s acclaimed “eStudio” real-time 3D rendering technology has been embedded into the Avid Motion Graphics platform, which supports both Avid and other high-demand third party tools and plug-ins. Brainstorm Multimedia’s CEO Ricardo Montesa said, “Our agreement with Avid to provide eStudio’s sophisticated and highly intuitive real-time 3D rendering technology to Avid Motion Graphics users signifies an important technology partnership.”