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NAB kit review by Simon Tillyer S o pre-NAB we are all very busy organising interviews with 70 exhibitors over 3 days covering 4 halls and in our case around 28 miles. Late last year we developed an online interview booking system at www. which allows exhibitors to book one or more 15 minute slots, enter stand information and questions they may like asked during the interview. Over the month preceding the show they fill up and we are left with a spreadsheet of who to see and when to see them. Thankfully the “slot booker” is intelligent enough to know which days we will be in which halls so dashing is kept to a minimum. recording. They were also good enough to throw in the box four P2 cards, 3 batteries plus charger, P2 reader and enough cables to get us out of trouble. The specs of the camera are widely available so I won’t go into that here other than to say it’s lightweight, robust and together with an excellent light gathering lens performed very well in a wide mix of indoor situations. We used 3 or 4 P2 cards per day and offloaded these via the P2 reader each evening. Battery power surpassed my expectations with each lasting for around 90 minutes. The support for the camera was provided by Vinten and we were delighted to be one of the first to get our hands on the new Vinten Blue 5. We didn’t have a chance to test before arriving at NAB and picked it up from Vinten’s ever helpful and hugely knowledgeable Product Manager Peter Harman on the Sunday before the show complete with dolly. The Blue 5 works with payloads between 2.1 to 5kg so is a perfect fit for the HPX-250. As per the specification we can confirm its silky smooth movement and when set up correctly the Perfect Balance technology is just that. It was rock solid and never let us down throughout – a great piece of kit. Our NAB BroadcastShow team consisted of Emma who looks after the bookings and is affectionately referred to as our “tom-tom”; Jon, who after 4 shows is now known to many exhibitors, our presenter and then myself behind camera. Matt is also on hand as our “fixer” to borrow last minute equipment which we’ve either forgotten or didn’t deem necessary at the time of departure! Let start at the ground and work up. We are very fortunate with having the support of some of the industries leading manufacturers and this review is a small way of saying a massive thank you to those whose names will follow. Prior to NAB Panasonic shipped us the new HPX-250, their P2 HD handheld camera recorder with 10 bit, 4:2:2 independent-frame full 1920 x 1080 resolution AVC-Intra 30 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE The Panasonic HPX-250, Vinten Blue 5, Litepanels Croma, Atomos Samurai, Sennheiser Audio and Polecam cup holder! Some parts of the show floor are well lit, some are natural light others are dark and in general no two stands are the same. A light that is powerful and adaptable enough to cope with the myriad of situations we tend to find ourselves was found almost by accident as we interviewed Litepanels early on the first day. They rightly insisted we light the interview