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Canford Pinknoise Audio Spotlight Audio matters P inknoise have seen a massive growth in terms of business in the last 2 years. The audio market is very buoyant, we have the high end as always but we also see large amounts of customers wanting to take on the audio recording elements of their projects by themselves and therefore needing the equipment to satisfy their needs. This is Problems with mains hum and got no space? by Mark Cunningham T here can’t be many of us who have managed to avoid an annoying mains hum at some point or other in our careers. You have just finished a set up on location with a long cable run back to the OB van, you sit down to monitor the signal and there it is. It’s not the end of the world but you do now face rummaging through your tool box to find an isolation device of some kind, all the while keeping your fingers crossed someone has not borrowed it or that you remembered to bring it. It would be so much better if it was always set up ready and waiting. Well, just such a device is now available. Tucked away on the Canford stand at PLASA Focus I discovered their interestingly named Zero-U Rack 52 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE particularly relevant in the DSLR end of the market. Audio for DSLR is a very strong area for sales, we stock a specialist range of interface boxes, mics and cables for this market, it continues to grow steadily with the advent of recent camera offerings from Canon and Nikon fueling the DSLR video shoot format. We do find however that the typical DSLR customer also needs to acquire some sound training/technical advice along the way. This has been challenging for us as a dealer, we want to be able to give help and advice to customers as that’s what we’re really good at but we also find that we are often telling customers how to record their audio on location, which buttons to press, where to put the mics and offering suggestions for better sound practice, it can be very time consuming. the practice. These are proving to be very popular with locations organised in Bristol, London also a training seminar in Dublin scheduled in June. People spend hours looking at information on the internet only to find that most of what they glean is misleading or unsuitable for what they are trying to achieve. What we do with the training seminars is very practically based, not some massive techie session in a dark room, it’s all about getting out there and achieving consistent results. Other things to mention, we are about to launch a nice NEW website, same web address, www. There will be some special promotions to mark this launch so please come and visit, have a look around the site. Pinknoise have some regular and specific 1 day training courses for DSLR Audio, the equipment and Mounted Line isolation unit. The devices each feature 8 channel s and are designed to provide that desperately needed isolation between input and output, we were just talking about. They come in either 110 ohm balanced or 75 ohm unbalanced circuits. Each channel has a 1:1 transformer; balanced circuit versions have an ‘earth-lift’ switch. They are housed in a 1U rack-mounting enclosure with innovative mounting options. The balanced circuit version has XLR connectors for input and output, one female, one male, located in pairs on one face. Earth- lift switches for each channel are located on the opposite face of the fully-screened case. The unbalanced circuit version has BNC female connectors for input and output, located in pairs on one face; there is no earth lift facility on this type. They are designed to be mounted in a number of different ways within a 19 inch rack and this is the bit I really like and where the Zero U name comes in. Using clever little L shaped mounting plates, you are able to mount the isolators into the rack at a depth that enables you to fill all available rack space at the front with all the devices you need immediate access to whilst the isolators sit behind them, out of the way. Once set up there is no reason to ever have to move it and if you ever do get that hum it is taken care of straight away.