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S E IV C B APA ILIT Y ARTEMIS, FROM CALREC. SMALL SIZE… Putting Sound in the Picture Broadcast audio is changing. Today’s broadcasters require more elegant ways to control their increasing channel count, interact with other sources on the network and have clear, concise status at their fingertips. With the same levels of reliability for which Calrec are world-renowned and a remarkably intuitive control surface which still manages to pack in enormous flexibility, Artemis uses Bluefin2 DSP to deliver enormous resources in a tiny package. Able to operate at multiple sample rates, Bluefin2 equips Artemis with up to 640 channel processing paths, and its internal 8192 ² Hydra2 router turns the console into a powerful networking tool. The world’s most successful broadcasters rely on Calrec consoles. Hard working, rugged, powerful and operating in highly organized networks, Artemis provides much more for far less. 2 ARTEMIS