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!"#$"% &'(")*+, for New 2012 Designed and manufactured in the UK, this matte box is a cost effective solution for the DOP looking for high quality and reliable operation. 114mm diameter professional back clamp. Two filter sections; one static, one fully rotating. Clamp-on or bar supportable. Full range of!light reflex rings available. Barn doors optional. bl e Availa tock Folding French flag as standard. s from Less than 750g. ---.#$/"%"01.2+./3 True Lens Services Ltd, 20 Bank Terrace, Barwell, Leicestershire LE9 8GG, UK Tel: 01455 848411 Fax: 01455 848311 A LEADING RESELLER OF PROFESSIONAL BROADCAST EQUIPMENT Gearhouse Broadcast Sales division specialise in the supply of both new and used broadcast equipment from leading manufacturers. All our used equipment is thoroughly checked, and reconditioned by our in-house engineers and available to YOU at competitive prices SNELL 128X128 HD/SDI LEVEL SIRIUS 7RU ROUTERS TEKTRONIX WFM-7120 WAVEFORM MONITORS WIDE RANGE OF HARRIS SIGNAL PROCESSING EQUIPMENT EVERTZ MULTIVIEWERS AND SYNC GENERATORS SELECTION OF CANON LENSES INCLUDING HJ22 AND HJ40 FUJINON HD LENSES INCLUDING HA14 AND HA23 YELLOBRIK SIGNAL CONVERTORS AND FIBRE TX 1 RX DRAKA BROADCAST CABLES PLUS MUCH MORE FOR A FULL PRODUCT LIST - CHECK AVAILABILITY OR PLACE AN ORDER CONTACT US TODAY T +44 (0)845 820 0000 E W 85 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE