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Adding support for FCP X and Motion 5 T IBC2IBC IS BACK ... Are you up for the challenge? I BC2IBC is back following on from last years highly successful inaugural event that raised upwards of £35,000 for the Vision Charity. To encourage even more people to take part in this marathon cycling event, ibc2ibc 2012 will take place over two days so 150 miles per day. he Tiffen Company has announced its award-winning digital filter suite Tiffen Dfx v3 is now available for use on Apple® Final Cut Pro® X (10.0.4) and Motion® 5 (5.0.3). The Tiffen Dfx digital filter solution simulates 2,000+ popular award-winning Tiffen glass filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction plus natural light and photographic effects, making it a definitive set of digital optical filters for any video editor, director of photography or still photographer. The event will leave IBCs London offices on 3rd September with an overnight stop followed by another hard days cycling on the 4th September with tired, but elated, cyclists arriving in Amsterdam that evening. This is a gruelling test of will and stamina, raising money for VICTA and The Vision Charity, changing the lives of blind and partially sighted people. To find out more about taking part and the commitment required please contact: or tel+44 7083 7213. Taking centre stage in Fast Girls A Camera Corps Standard Tracking System takes centre stage in the film Fast Girls scheduled for UK release on 15 June. The film charts the rollercoaster journey of a British female sprint relay team as its members strive to qualify for a major world athletics championship. Fast Girls is financed by BFI Film Fund, Studiocanal and Aegis, and developed by the UK Film Council. Ealing Metro is handling international sales.  “Camera Corps’ tracking camera systems are an iconic element of high- 12 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE profile sports broadcasts, says Fast Girls Art Director Jonnie Elf. “They allow remotely controlled cameras to capture close-up follow-shots of contestants at critical stages in a race. Television viewers see the output from the camera but rarely get to see the track and camera itself. In this case, our objective was to include the tracking system as an integral element of the set to supplement the real experience of participating in a major racing event.” The accompanying image shows a Camera Corps Standard Tracking System as used in the film Fast Girls and at many of the world’s largest sports events.