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With dual 8”screens, viewing SD, HD and 2K SDI video on SmartView Duo is twice as beautiful. SmartView Duo is the perfect compact SDI rack monitoring system Greater SDI compatibility for post production, broadcast or live events. It features two beautiful You can rely on SmartView Duo to support multiple 8” LCD screens which can be remotely adjusted via ethernet. It even SDI video standards, including SD, HD and 3 Gb/s includes tally. What’s more, it easily handles SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI SDI formats. It was designed to meet the needs of both broadcast and video formats. post production professionals. On top of this, it supports advanced video formats like 1080p HD and 2K SDI. SDI monitoring everywhere you need it SmartView Duo lets you build your own master Mount it anywhere in racks control room to monitor all cameras for live SmartView Duo can be mounted anywhere in equipment production. Use it in editing desks to display all racks, even in the extreme top. That’s because SmartView your video sources. Incredibly compact, it’s also great for broadcast vans. Duo rotates completely upside down for optimum You can even install SmartView Duo into portable monitor racks to build viewing angle. It will instantly sense the screen rotation and automatically lightweight flyaway kits. flip the images without any need for adjustment. Intelligent Ethernet control Forget about using little screwdrivers in an attempt to match all your monitors. Now you can conveniently adjust and match every monitor remotely from your laptop or desktop. Simply connect SmartView Duo to your ethernet network and use the included Mac or PC software. *SRP is Exclusive of VAT SmartView Duo 455 * £ Learn more today at