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Loudness monitoring for RTL Formula One coverage R TW has announced it recently delivered three pre- production units of the new TM3 TouchMonitor to Cologne, Germany-based Wige Broadcast, prior to RTW’s official sales launch of the new product. German Broadcaster RTL, which relied on Wige Broadcast’s technical infrastructure for this year’s Formula One coverage, employed the units during the first Formula One races in Australia and Malaysia, where they passed acid tests.  The RTW TM3 TouchMonitor is a solution for quick and easy use in loudness metering. The system comprises a display unit featuring a 4.3-inch touch screen for horizontal or vertical use and a separate interface box. The easy-to-learn operating concept allows for fast selection of presets that are configured using the Devicer DC1 software, which is available for Macintosh and Windows. In addition to PPM and true-peak instruments, the TM3 offers comprehensive loudness metering in compliance with all globally relevant standards: EBU R128, ITU BS.1770-2/1771, ATSC A/85, and ARIB. Enhancing the broadcast battery T he new PAG L96e Li-Ion battery is an enhanced version of the company’s popular L95e, and a replacement for it.  The L96e offers a superior performance for the same price as the L95e. It provides a maximum continuous output of 8A, compared to the L95es 7A, and performs better at low temperatures, even down to -20°C.   The 14.8V 6.5Ah, 96 watt-hour pack is designed for broadcast ENG and professional video production. It incorporates high-capacity, long- life, premium quality Li-Ion cells, and is available in V-Mount and PAGlok models. 20 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Don’t go soft on protection P rotect your Netbook, Tablet, Laptop or eReader from drops, knocks, scratches and mishaps with new Peli HardBack Cases. Peli Hardback Cases are designed in a range of 5 sizes to fit various devices; they are manufactured in tough ABS, offering robust and durable protection, even in extreme conditions. Designed as waterproof/crush-resistant armour for Laptops and Netbooks, Peli Hardback Cases combine durability, security and style. A new guide to film and TV studios P ocket Films Ltd. has launched a dedicated guide to film and TV studios. THE STUDIO MAP launched in three different media; a printed pocketable guide, a web site and a mobile app.  The aim of the guide is to provide a convenient, user-friendly and accurate source of information about studios for hire.  At launch, 35 studios in and around London are featured, including 3 Mills, Pinewood, Shepperton, BBC Studios and Post Production, Filmscape Studios and Fountain Studios.  The target audience for the new guide is producers, directors, agencies and media companies looking for an easy-to- navigate resource for film and TV studios.  THE STUDIO MAP will shortly be expanded to cover the whole of the UK.