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Following on from Will’s comment we sought user feedback on sideKick “SideKick HD mounts on our HD camera, maximizes the quality of our sensor and lenses, and captures video in the codecs that we need. With SideKick HD, we can finally bypass the internal compression of our HD camcorder and capture up to 220 Mbit/s with 4:2:2 color sampling and 10-bit “precision, via HD-SDI or HDMI. Plus, the built-in color LCD makes it easy to check our clips during shoots—playback is quick and intuitive.” - Daniel Berube, Boston Final Cut Pro User Group - Donald Berube, noisybrain. Productions, Boston, MA Filament’s video director Mike Lane captures the concert in HD Apple ProRes 422 for the camera feeds that project on both house screens and custom LED video walls. Dave Matthews Band shows are shot with five High Def cameras fed into six Ki Pros. Each camera is isolated and a copy of the director’s cut is kept for post- production reference. DMB typically plays a two and a half hour set, accruing up to two terabytes per show. The cost savings of moving to a tapeless workflow were significant. Each of these shows are archived on external drives and catalogued back at DMBʼs studio in Charlottesville, VA. After the content is captured it is then considered for future uses that include web videos, social media and potential live show releases. AJA Ki Pro For the last three years, AJA Ki Pro digital video recorders have played an integral role for Filmment Production’s tapeless recording and live production workflow. Filament is using them for the Dave Matthews Band (DMB) 2012 summer tour, which kicked on May 18th in Houston, Texas. Filament VP Ryan Gall said, “The Ki Pros give us instant access to the show’s footage. We have the ability to review and edit videos on the spot. With Ki Pro, it’s just as easy to capture, store, and archive that same footage without adding significantly to your gear footprint or budget.” Bryan Bieber, GM at Filament, said his team has used their Ki Pros for three years, averaging about sixty shows a year. “We don’t have time for gear failure on the road. The AJA Ki Pro has been very consistent for us,” said Bieber. “With the Ninja it’s just so easy to use and the files drop straight into my edit workflow without any transcoding. That makes life so much easier. I currently use Final Cut Pro and I love that I can pop the drive into the dock on-set and check back my footage on my MacBook Pro without holding up the shoot for more than a couple of minutes. That’s a real luxury.” “Being able to shoot at the higher bit-rate of ProRes 422, or even HQ, means I don’t have the same issues with grading that I would get if I was relying on AVCHD, which is the format my camera captures internally.” Sean J Vincent, Recoil Films, Image: Matilda speed dating Ninja view 40 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Ninja What they use, how they use it, and what they think?