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WORLD NEWS Native full HD resolution 21.5 inch LCD broadcast monitor 212W offers a host of operational features for the broadcast professional, and is compatible with TVLogic’s new RMU-200 remote control panel and PC remote package. N With a 1920 x 1080 (16:9) true 8 bit display (16.7 M colours), the LVM-212W monitor accommodates a range of multi-format inputs including 3G/Dual Link HD-SDI and HDMI and DVI. Designed for use in galleries and OB trucks, the TVLogic LVM- TVLogic’s colour calibration facility for optimum colour alignment. The LVM-212W can be controlled using RS422/Ethernet and RF control (ZigBee). It measures 520 x 309 x 78 mm and weighs 7 kg without stand, and operation is from a 100-240 V AC or 24 V DC supply with a maximum power consumption of 77 W. The many user features of the LVM- 212W include built-in waveform and vectorscope, timecode display, embedded audio, closed caption, 1:1 pixel mapping, focus assist, audio demuxing, UMD support, and firmware update using Ethernet or USB. The monitor supports ow shipping by exclusive UK/ Ireland distributor Pyser-SGI Limited is the recently introduced TVLogic LVM-212W widescreen native full HD resolution 21.5 inch LCD monitor for 7RU rack housing, and complete with desk stand. PAM has a makeover PAM has had a makeover and its bringing acclaim and commercial success to UK company BCD Audio. PAM is the acronym for the Presenter Audio Monitor system, for use in the television gallery and on the studio floor, designed and built in the UK and being used increasingly in television and radio studios around the world. 15 years ago BCD Audio created a presenters audio mixer for the BBC-TV studios in London, the original PAM, still in use today. These studios will soon be decommissioned with the BBC move to Salford and to the new Broadcasting House in London. Compact camera interface developed using BBC R&D Stagebox Technology Broadcast quality 100MB/s AVC-I video over standard IT networks Bidirectional HD-SDI, Audio, Comms, Tally, Timecode Completely synchronised over the network TV Bay Advert May 2012 Stagebox.pu... TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 07 Wednesday, 25 April 2012 14:25