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Bringing down the cost of loudness J unger Audio has reduced the cost of loudness management with the addition of an affordable combination card to its successful modular C8000 audio processing system. The C8491 combines a 3G/HD/SD-SDI interface capable of handling 4, 8, or 16 audio channel SDI streams with a Junger Level Magic 2 processor for managing loudness.  One card represents one TV channel. Giving a complete control and compliance package, C8491 can be used with Junger’s Loudness Logger, a software application that offers a means of monitoring loudness over time, in real time or subsequently to analyse stored loudness log files. Looking to the future with Pablo Neo B altimore video production company, Producers, has recently upgraded its Quantel eQ to a Pablo 2K color correction system with a Neo panel that will boost S3D capabilities and enhance color correction tools at the busy facility. Producers specialises in producing local and international premier high-end film, high definition video, audio and 3D motion graphics. Its customers include Toyota, Under Armour, Dick’s Sporting Goods, The Department of Homeland Security, GNC and HBO. Rapid media processing Wohler Technologies have announced that its RadiantGrid(TM) software platform will be providing faster-than-real- time transcoding, re-wrapping, and frame-rate conversions within the file-based workflows at independent digital media facility Loft London. The installation scheduled for mid-August will be the first for RadiantGrid in Europe, and will be the demonstration platform and test bed for the U.K. and European market. The collaboration supports Loft London’s current services while facilitating demonstrations of the software platform’s performance in an actual operational environment. Because the RadiantGrid platform provides rapid processing in the file-based domain without compromising production quality, it is an ideal solution for high-profile content producers and distributors. File transfer from Sony SR-R1 recorders A olby Europe Limited has moved into its new headquarters building in Soho Square, London.A major feature of the new flagship facility is a brand new 70 seat preview theatre designed by Munro Acoustics and equipped to playback the new Dolby® Atmos cinema audio platform. Designed to be a reference theatre for both sound and picture, the d©cor is deliberately neutral to enable colour balances to be assessed. JA Video Systems have released AJA SRExpress software to control the fast transfer of files from Sony SR-R1 digital recorders to RAID storage connected to a Mac computer, with PC support coming soon. An AJA KONA 3G card, or an Io XT for Thunderbolt-equipped Macs, serves as the intermediary device for file transfer between the recorder and the computer with RAID storage. Once transferred, the files can easily be edited in many editing systems. Dolby’s new HQ screening room D 10 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE