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IBC NEWS PHABRIX Leader Instruments 8.A22 L eader Instruments’ LV 5980 SDI waveform and video monitor makes its European debut at IBC2012. Designed for easy use during live production, post-production and in technical support, the LV 5980 incorporates a 17-inch TFT display that can be used to monitor up to four SDI signals simultaneously in a vertical or horizontal row, allowing rapid comparison of gain and black balance values from multiple cameras. Video signal waveform, vector display, picture and multiple input signals can be displayed simultaneously. The LV 5980 can make multiple waveforms easier to identify by using a different waveform colour for each input channel. 8.E29 P HABRIX will be making much out of the success it has experienced with the new Dolby E support now available throughout its test and measurement range at IBC this year. Originally released for its popular PHABRIX Sx hand held test and measurement instruments support for Dolby E has now been made available on the newest of its product releases - the Rx modular rack mount instruments. Key to the success of the new functionality is the amalgamation of the Dolby analysis within the video toolset. An engineer can now have a very portable handheld tool with both audio and video test and measurement tools for generation, analysis and monitoring. Dolby-E meta data present in a selected audio stream is displayed and determines whether the Dolby-E packet is timed correctly on the SDI video stream. The Dolby-E may also be monitored from any of the SDI input embedded audio channel pairs or the AES input. V Bit information and PCM values along with a snapshot of the Dolby E metadata if a Dolby E signal is present forms part of the main display. The Dolby-E metadata screen carries primary information including signal source, Dolby-E guard band timing, CRC errors, program channel and metadata detail. In combination with the world’s first Dolby generator as part of a closed loop solution, PHABRIX continues to develop comprehensive support for all Dolby standards. Wowza Media Systems 14.162 A t IBC2012, Wowza unveils the latest enhancements to its multi-award- winning media server software. The latest showcase demonstrates Wowza’s ongoing commitment to high-performance media delivery by further streamlining the any-screen media workflow and reducing the expense that results from a multitude of client-specific platforms, adaptive bitrate technologies, and proprietary media players. Added functionality offers greater scalability, deeper viewer engagement, and more content protection options. Enhancements also include closed-captioning, VOD transcoding, multicast for Microsoft(R) Silverlight, dynamic overlays, and more. Volicon 7.G23 Volicon provides the broadcast and cable industries with the most scalable, reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use video content logging and monitoring system for compliance, media analysis, content repurposing, and quality of experience. Its Observer(R) real-time 28 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE digital video monitoring and logging solutions are based on Volicon’s patented Virtual Media Network (VMN). Volicon Observers core is comprised of a multichannel video streaming engine, interactive search, content analytics, and service monitoring and alarming capabilities. Volicon products and services meet the demanding requirements of broadcasters, cable, and IPTV service providers, and enterprise and government organizations looking to improve broadcast product quality, enhance video management, and lower costs.