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“Truth from the booth” audio streams. If you are using Dolby encoded audio, then any of those units can automatically decode the Dolby signal that is going back to network. You can listen to audio content and monitor the method associated with it, making sure the method is doing what you expect. This gives you total confidence that your audio signal is compliant and correct. Q. How does TSL deal with complex monitoring situations that include multiple SDI streams, AES and analogue tracks dealing with program audio, commentary, director’s instructions, Comms and the like? A. The devices we have sold quite extensively into sporting broadcast are from the TouchMix family—the AVM Touchmix or the Touchmix Pilot. Whereas the PAM Series is arguably more of a technical monitoring tool, the Touchmix products are designed for creative operators. Where they differ from other audio monitoring units lies in their ability to bring in a mixture of audio sources through two virtual 20-channel audio mixers simultaneously. These include up to two video SDI streams, which you can de-embed. Both units offer multiple AES and analog inputs that can be made active and listened to in any combination. The Pilot version offers touch-screen operation from a desktop. With TouchMix, an operator can bring in all the sources he might need to hear in one location, whether its program audio, communications, telephone lines, a hot mic and similar functions that go straight into your headphones or to the speakers. However, because it is a mixing product, we have found that operators are using the mixer for a multitude of duties beyond confidence monitoring. For example, they might use the mixer to create customized monitoring feeds for the commentary booth, a presenter’s earpiece or to create cues that are fed back down the line through telephone codecs and the like. If, for instance, a retired sports star shows up to add a spot commentary, a TouchMix operator can monitor the setup and levels, then cue the audio operator that the feed is set to go. This makes everyone’s job easier and more efficient. Chris Exelby is Managing Director of TSL Professional Products Ltd., a leading manufacturer of audio monitoring, tally and power management solutions for the broadcast industry. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 65