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WORLD NEWS New Personal Project Parking edition M arquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software, has announced the launch of Personal Project Parking, aimed at editors or small facilities looking to archive standalone Avid projects and media.  Personal Project Parking will be available for a special introductory price of £499 for a limited period only. Breaking Ohms law Readers of the last issue may have spotted a mistake in the TDR article on page 70 by Tony Drummond-Murray. In between the proofing process and the design element the Ω symbol, representing Ohms, was replaced by a W – which would not be amiss at being mistaken for Watts, which given the nature of the article could have added much confusion to the topic in hand! The Ohm is the unit of resistance and a termination resister, for example, can be written at 75 ohm, 75 Ω or 75R (as in the drawings that accompany the article) – but never 75W! Apologies for any confusion. View the corrected article here Spectral waveform editing software now available S ony Creative Software have released SpectraLayers, the newest addition to its line of award-winning software for audio and video production. An intelligent audio editing program, SpectraLayers operates directly on waveform spectra using a wide variety of smart editing tools.  Available for both Mac and PC computers, the application enables users to accurately edit audio by graphically dividing files into discrete, user-defined layers that can be processed independently and reintegrated to achieve flawless master files. UK Broadcast Dealer for DiGiCo consoles P rofessional audio technology specialists HHB Communications has been appointed by leading UK digital console manufacturer DiGiCo as its Broadcast Dealer in the UK and Ireland. DiGiCos introduction of broadcast specific feature set for its range of digital consoles has put the power and flexibility of their innovative console architecture and advanced software into the hands of broadcast engineers. Designed and manufactured in the UK, DiGiCo consoles are known for their sound quality, ease of use, and processing power and offer a variety of options that are very appealing to audio engineers working in radio, TV and OB production environments. HHB now has DiGiCos SD11 and SD9 consoles available for demo sessions in its North West London office. Compact camera interface developed using BBC R&D Stagebox Technology Broadcast quality 100MB/s AVC-I video over standard IT networks Bidirectional HD-SDI, Audio, Comms, Tally, Timecode Completely synchronised over the network IBC 3.A68 TV Bay Advert July 2012 Stagebox.p... TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 07 Monday, 30 July 2012 16:17