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High-Performance 6Gb s SATA PCI Express(R) 2.5-inch SSD cards New monitors at Leader Instruments L eader Instruments has chosen IBC2012 for the worldwide launch of two dedicated audio monitoring instruments: the LV 5837 and LV 5838. Both are designed to allow audio signals and levels to be checked quickly and accurately in environments such as sound recording studios, television studios, post-production houses or broadcast presentation and playout facilities. The LV 5837 accepts up to eight AES/EBU stereo digital audio feeds at sampling frequencies from 32 to 192 kilohertz. It has a wide range of measurement capabilities including audio level metering in dBFS, Nordic, BBC and DIN scales. Up to 16 audio channel bargraphs can be viewed simultaneously on the instrument’s 6.3 inch TFT LCD colour screen. Peak hold can be switched between true-peak, PPM Type I or PPM Type II modes and zero to 5 seconds duration in 0.5 or 1 second steps. 8.A22 7.B27 Next generation powerwall T his IBC Orad will show\ case its new PowerWall solution, a turnkey system for video wall productions. Based on the new Orad HDVG4 platform, PowerWall provides a synchronized 8k 1080p / 16k 1080i resolution output from a single box. This single PowerWall unit can output up to eight genlocked 3G or 16 HD SDI signals that can be tiled across the video wall according to the size and shape required. Sonnet Technologies have announced the release of its Tempo(TM) SSD and Tempo SSD Pro 6Gb/s SATA PCI Express(R) (PCIe) 2.5-inch solid-state drive (SSD) cards, the newest members of the Sonnet Tempo family of high-performance 6Gb/s SATA host controllers. The Tempo SSD and Tempo SSD Pro allow users to purchase one or two SSDs separately and then easily mount them on PCIe cards. Unlike other PCIe SSD cards, the Tempo SSD Pro and Tempo SSD utilize widely available 2.5-inch SATA SSDs (sold separately), giving users great flexibility in selecting the SSD capacity and performance that best suit their needs and budget, as well as the option to upgrade easily as required. Cooke brings latest lenses to IBC PowerWall offers extremely high, pixelization-free resolution display. This opens new production opportunities. Until now, broadcasters would use only long shots to avoid video wall pixelation. With PowerWall, this limitation is eliminated and operators can focus in at any level, including extreme zoom in. Cooke Optics, the premier manufacturer of precision lenses, will bring lenses from its three ranges - S4/i, Panchro/i and 5/i to IBC 2012, including a prototype of a 65mm lens for the Panchro range. The company also continues to expand its production capacity with more new hires at its Leicester factory to meet increased global demand for PL glass. Comprehensive solutions for broadcast and multiscreen services At IBC Harmonic will showcase a comprehensive range of solutions for broadcast and multiscreen production and delivery. Highlighted at the show will be solutions designed to streamline multiscreen content delivery, enabling broadcasters and operators to produce video content more efficiently in any format, distribute content cost-effectively over any network, and support a high-quality viewing experience reliably on any device. 22 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE 1.B20