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IBC LATEST NEWS A new Sachtler fluid head and seven new tripods 5.B20 BSI to reveal their Pan Tilt Roll Zoom camera B roadcast Sports, Inc. (BSI) a leading developer and service provider of wireless camera, audio and communication systems, is to reveal its new Pan Tilt Roll Zoom remote controlled wireless camera system at IBC this year. BSI builds specialist cameras that are changing the way you view the world, especially the way we view sport. The Pan Tilt Roll Zoom camera, known as PTRZ, is a waterproof camera designed to be mounted on sailing vessels, to capture action shots during a well-known international sporting event this summer. The company is also adapting the camera for land-based applications that would benefit from its robust functionality. The PTRZ is a high quality 1080i HD camera with a small footprint. Its high quality 10x optical zoom lens provides outstanding performance for its size, just 210mm x 165mm and weight, only 2kg. Sachtler will present a new fluid head as well as seven new tripods at this year’s IBC. Ianiro launches new LED studio light T he Solaris LED from Ianiro is a high-performance, energy- saving spotlight for use in TV studios. From an operating perspective, it is remarkable for being identical to traditional Fresnel halogen TV spotlights, while benefiting from all the advantages of LED technology. LEDs have been on the professional scene for some years now, but have always offered performance and characteristics that are better suited to location shoots, rather than to studio lighting. Now, the latest generation of LEDs and modern light- mounting technology have enabled manufacturers of professional TV spotlights to create the ideal LED studio light. The heart of Solaris is completely new, with all development taking place internally within Ianiro so as to acquire all the necessary knowledge to produce a unit that meets the exacting demands of the broadcast industry. The result is a very high performance, modular product: users can simply replace cards and LED modules required often to match the light temperature of fluorescents - without having to repurchase the entire unit. Considerable emphasis has been placed on high performance LEDs, with special attention paid to two aspect in particular: the maintenance of working temperatures within the manufacturers recommended range and the avoidance of any possible under-rating, through the installation of a dual power supply. 24 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Sachtler will unveil a new 75mm fluid head that broadens the selection for professional DSLR filmmakers and videographers with camera set-ups weighing up to six kilograms (13 lbs.). It will be available with three different carbon-fiber tripods one with a telescopic tripod, one with a mid-level spreader and one with a ground-spreader. Additionally, four new solid professional tripods will soon broaden the FSB family. This means the tried-and-tested Sachtler clamping used on 100mm and 150mm tripods for an especially quick set-up, will also be available for the first time in the 75mm range. 11.E55 KIT digital to deliver enhanced VOD store solution KIT digital, Inc. a leading video management software and services company, have announced that it will be demonstrating the latest version of its Video On Demand (VOD) Store solution at IBC. KIT digitals VOD Store solution allows content owners and service providers to rapidly establish a fully managed and monetized VOD capability. The new release provides a number of enhancements including a new editorial and media workflow interface, which allows multiple endpoints to be served by a single editorial process. 1.D71