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IBC LATEST NEWS iChargePro M ulti Port Universal Charger developed and manufactured in the UK.This unique device is available as a standalone unit or can be integrated into transit cases, secure cabinets, and customised lockers. For multiple users of iPads, Tablets and Phones the iChargePro will simultaneously fast charge on each port at a full 2 Amps. Available in 8,16,32,64 ports (and above) you no longer have to daisy chain power adaptors you only need one. iChargePro will even accept different combinations of product and will adjust automatically each port output. For further details contact CF Cases Ltd Tel 01788 535484 Giant leap forward in video transcoding speed and quality T elestream® have announced availability of two new products and a major Version 4.0 release for its award-winning family of Vantage® video transcoding and workflow automation products. The new GPU-accelerated Lightspeed Server enables blazing-fast video processing and H.264 encoding for all Vantage transcode solutions. Transcode Multiscreen accelerates multi-bitrate H.264 transcoding and packaging for multiscreen video delivery, including OTT, tablets, and mobile devices. Vantage now includes market-specific transcoding solutions that can be used standalone or integrated into more extensive Vantage workflow systems to quickly support emerging market needs. In addition, Vantage systems now incorporate loudness control, web captioning, and include 40 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE integrations with third-party products allowing the creation of tightly integrated, fully automated, intelligent, file- based video workflows. 7.D16 With this release Vantage takes a giant leap forward in speed and quality while addressing expanding transcoding needs, said Barbara DeHart, vice president of marketing at Telestream. Transcode Multiscreen allows content owners and distributors to quickly and efficiently prepare, package, and deliver the highest quality video at the fastest possible speed to any screen. When used with our Transcode Pro and Lightspeed Server products, users have hands-free access to virtually any file format and direct integration with many devices, offering the fastest, most powerful and complete video transcoding solution on a single server. Vantage 4.0 is now available from Telestreams worldwide network of direct sales and distributors. More information about Telestream and Vantage products is available at