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DP-4100 Series and DP-4102 XRP Series Visit Primera at Stand 7.H09 at IBC Show! No matter if you just need single individual discs or many copies of the same disc, our Disc Publishers are the perfect and professional solution for you. XRP M odel The DP-4100 Series is up to 20 times faster than competitors for similar print quality, making them the fastest desktop disc publishers in the world. The XRP model includes all of the features of DP- 4100 Series, but adds a tough steel cabinet, locking front door and an optional rack mount kit. Our new DP-4051 delivers the same industry-leading performance as Primera’s award-winning DP-4100 Series, but with a 50-disc capacity for a budget friendly price. DP-4051 also is the fastest 50-disc publisher available. The DP-4100 Series offers separate ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Only the color that is empty needs to be replaced, saving you money on every disc you print and helping to reduce waste for a healthier planet. This is especially true if you use more of one color on your discs than another. Primera offers Disc Publisher in different modifications matching your needs and production volumes. Some fields of application: • • • • • Event videos for weddings, business and family celebrations Television and radio stations Pre-production and post-production houses Marketing/advertising/PR departments and agencies Archiving of confidential video data for industries or film historians • Discs for promotions, short-run commercials and sensitive video content • Videographers and production studios Register with this vouch- er and your business card at our stand 7.H09 at IBC 2012, Amsterdam. Purchase within 10 days after the show and register your product. Visit Primera at Stand 7.H09 at IBC! » 100-disc capacity » 100-disc capacity » One recording drive » Print-only version – no drives » Perfect for side-by-side use with » Blu-ray version available tower-style disc duplicators. » 100-disc capacity » Two recording drives » Blu-ray version available Follow us on Twitter New Join on Facebook @PrimeraEU Pick the Disc Publisher that’s right for you: primera2012_tv-bay_UK y b - a tv % ACK E 10 B AT B RE primeraeurope ! » 50-disc capacity » One recording drive » Blu-ray version available SO WHY WAIT? VISIT