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library and posted to the remote cloud storage facility. inexpensively. One such technology is LTFS. This standardised approach of writing data to LTO-5 (and upwards) tape provides a viable method of transferring bulk content into and out of a storage cloud. For example, a playout facility migrates content into the archive on site as normal i.e. ingest from video tape and QC before moving to online playout storage or copying directly to the archive. Once in the conventional archive domain, mtf migration rules copy the content to an LTFS ‘export’ tape (or group of tapes, where required). Any metadata is archived along with the content. Alternatively, MXF wrappers like AS03 or AS11 (AS02 etc. for production- related workflows) can be used to encapsulate the content and its metadata, ensuring safe passage of all necessary information. Once full, the LTFS export tape is removed from the On arrival in the ‘cloud’ the LTFS export tape is inserted into the library. The archive management system scans the index at the header of the tape and populates the archive management software database with the necessary information about the content. Now that the content is available, any systems connected to the archive cloud can query the archive database to find out what is new (or receive ‘push’ notifications of new arrivals) and access the content. This approach ensures that the systems closer to the business process rules remain in control of the content. Great Lens? State of the art camera? Let’s bring them together. Tel: 020 8881 7850 A Modular B4 2/3” to Canon EF adaptor system An optical adaptor system that expands the image to cover large sensors This allows the use of HD B4 lenses* on the Canon 7D MKII as well as the new Canon C300 *Only for lenses with 2X extender engaged The MTF EFFECT EF Full Exposure Control Terminal Modular Canon EF adaptor system with electronic aperture control One control unit, choice of 3 mounts for the F3, FS-100/700 and AF101 LCD clearly displays focal length and aperture for both primes and zooms Adjusts aperture in 1/8th stop increments. Supports lens stabilisation. Compatible with all Canon EF, Zeiss and third party lenses. With additional adaptors, it can also be used on the Sony FS-700 And the Sony PMW-F3 See our award winning products at IBC Hall 11.G80 7th-11th Sept MTF are an authorised dealer for the following brands.