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They, in turn, may move the archive into the cloud, either private or public depending on the service level required. By doing this, production houses and broadcasters not only outsource the running of the archive, but they also only pay for what they use. Additionally, organisations that run cloud services benefit from economies of scale that come from having large data centres and these savings are passed on to customers. What else can be outsourced? If necessary any element of the production workflow can be outsourced, but the management of content is a popular option. This is particularly true for those large-scale, complex workflows that cannot be managed manually, such as multiple source formats, foreign language dubbing and subtitling. Automation is the way forward and it is worth finding a provider that can handle these workflows quickly, while still assuring the highest quality. How can the security of content be assured? So, outsourcing is a good option? Security is a top priority for everyone in the industry. Protecting copyright and original content ensures that broadcasters and producers do not see their profits being eaten into by piracy. The best security is required during the production, post-production and mastering processes, as well as in the long-term storage of footage to ensure that only authorised people can access content. This includes the digital watermarking of footage to ensure that content is genuine and has not been altered, as well as the use of 128-bit AES encryption, which is practically impossible to crack by brute force. It has been estimated that it would take 1.02 x 1018 years to hack 128-bit AES, which is millions of times greater than the age of the Universe! Outsourcing is a great option for those companies that do not have the resource to effectively carry out in-house storage and archiving. Overcoming the challenges of digitisation is a great undertaking for any business, but to achieve the highest standards it is best to trust specialists. Executed properly, outsourcing archiving and storage, along with content management, not only creates efficiencies, but can lead to lucrative new revenue streams. Further security measures should include high-level firewalls and SSL authentication deployment to prevent cyber-attacks.