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EasySet 3D hardware mixer A t IBC Brainstorm Multimedia featured a powerful new hardware mixer as an optional accessory to its EasySet 3D trackless virtual studio solution. The EasySet 3D hardware mixer enables users to easily control EasySet 3D functions in the more familiar production environment of an external device. Enhancing broadcast time battery T he new PAG L96T Time Battery is an enhanced version of the companys L95 Time Battery, and a replacement for it. The L96T offers a superior performance at a greatly reduced price.   The L96T provides a maximum continuous output of 8A, compared to the L95s 7A and features improved performance at low temperatures.  The V-Mount and PAGlok L96T models are compatible with multiple viewfinder data systems for displaying battery capacity, such as those used by Sony and Red cameras. The batteries adjust automatically to each system.  The L96T Time Battery incorporates a numeric run-time and capacity display, providing added convenience for camera operators. When you want to know how long your battery will power your camera set-up, two button presses will display remaining run-time, for the given load, expressed in hours and minutes. The batterys internal processor achieves this by taking into account the changes of load that occur during use, the charge status of the battery, the condition of the cells, and the ambient temperature. The display maintains its accuracy by tracking the performance, and adjusting calibration values to compensate for the ageing of the cells, and does not require a periodic service charge. 30 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE According to Brainstorm Marketing Communications Manager Miguel Churruca, The introduction of the EasySet 3D hardware mixer is in direct response to customers who already use EasySet 3D. Weve extended the virtual-studio-in-a box concept to enhance what is already a powerful feature set, taking it to new levels of creativity and control. New EasySet 3D users will also be encouraged by these new possibilities to bring their virtual set to life. Render service for Adobe After Effects CS6 M iranda Technologies has launched its iTX Render Service (iRS) for Adobe® After Effects® CS6 software at IBC 2012. The introduction of the iTX Render Service marks a revolutionary advancement in its ability to automate and manage rendering for the full range of finished graphics and text effects available on After Effects CS6 and use them in a real-time playout environment.  iTX Render Service can take graphics projects created entirely in After Effects CS6 and deliver them, fully finished and ready for playout, to Mirandas iTX automated playout platform or Vertigo Suite graphics automation and asset management tools. This represents a huge advantage over systems that rely on a real-time character generator to playback graphics templates and cant take advantage of the full creative spectrum available in After Effects CS6.