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Which wire at IBC? Amsterdam saw the introduction of an important performance enhancement to the ‘Which- Wire?’ feature of Murraypro’s “Test Chest 3G”. The ‘Which- Wire?’ input detection capability was dramatically extended to now include automatic detection of Tri-Level and Composite Syncs, together with unbalanced AES input audio. Targeting Engineers working against deadlines in the busy fields of Broadcast Maintenance and Installation, “Test Chest” now displays these synchronising signals on an expanded timebase in its ‘Waveform’ mode. AES inputs are now automatically presented on the Audio Monitoring Page which is preset to ‘AES’ mode, and with the volume advanced, the loudspeakers will convey this audio too. The unique auto-detection capability of Test Chest’s ‘Which- Wire?’ mode now enbraces input signals that are presented on it’s single input BNC covering the gammut SDI @ 3G, HD, SD and CVBS too, now extended to analogue Syncs and AES. Test Chest ensures that the appropriate elements of the input signal are immediately presented on the large LCD panel in the optimum format, and with a banner showing the detected Standard. Murraypro will be demonstrating Test Chest 3G too on their Stand at next month’s BVE North Show in Manchester. Drop by and evaluate it yourself. HD pan-tilt meets needs of broadcasting pro’s C anon have announced the new BU-47H a remote control pan-tilt camera head that stands at the very top of its class. Like its predecessor, the Canon BU-46H, it is dedicated to reproducing high picture quality and high resolution. However, with an extensive upgrading of camera functions, including finely-graded video adjustment functions that dovetail neatly with user preferences and shooting applications, it is custom- made for the broadcast market. Producing broadcast picture quality, Full HD video and with an image stabilising function and rugged construction, the camera is ideal for outdoor use in the most demanding conditions. The new Canon BU-47H provides Full HD (1920x1080) through three CMOS sensors and a total pixel count of 2.37 megapixels. Its Canon HD zoom lens offers 18x optical zooming and AF function with a focal length of 4.1 to 73.8 mm, approximately 7.4mm to 134 mm (2/3” equivalent). A minimum subject brightness of 0.08 lux1 enables shooting at brightness levels equivalent to moonlight (0.5 to 1 lux). The camera’s compact size and light weight (approx. 17kg) enable installation almost anywhere, providing easy portability in outdoor programme production. With its selection of interfaces, many kinds of applications are also supported. The camera utilises SDI signals, averting the need for a dedicated audio cable. Global distributor appointed for Resolve Optics P olecam is pleased to announce that it has been formally appointed as the Exclusive Global Distributor for the Resolve Optics Z10 miniature HiDef zoom lens.  As the leading global specialist supplier of Minicams and Controllers to the Broadcast, 3D, Medical, Industrial and Inspection industries, the new Resolve compact miniature Z10 lens is an excellent enhancement to many current and proposed installations.  During IBC 2012, the Polecam booth was a hive of activity and saw a broad spectrum of both invited and new visitors choosing to try at first hand for themselves the Z10 with associated handheld remote control systems.  The new lens has been developed through extensive joint co-operation between Resolve and Polecam and is the ultimate affordable solution. 32 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE