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items were in the UK, it made logistical sense to have them cased there. He asked 5 Star to make three cases and worked closely with 5 Star’s Steve Swann who designed and oversaw the project. Due to the sheer size – over 8 ft long by 6ft wide and 2ft deep – and with a loaded weight in excess of 500kg – the case is made up from four sections – a base, a split lid and a removable front door, with the doorway transported horizontally inside. 5 Star on Olympic mission L eading European flightcase manufacturer 5 Star Cases has supplied custom super-tough road cases to a Swedish collector Henrik Stuifbergen, for a number of artefacts from the White Star Line ocean liner RMS Olympic, sister ship and carbon copy of the ill fated RMS Titanic. Stuifbergen contacted 5 Star needing a solution to move his artefacts around quickly and easily. He had acquired the massive oak second class dining room doors from the RMS Olympic and had them restored before he was asked if they could be shown at the exhibition. These went on display at “ The Exhibition Titanic“ that started in Spain 10 years ago and is currently showing in Barcelona until September, from where it will tour to other European destinations. Other items were a rare first class oak dressing table with brass handles on tapering supports; a first class iron balustrade painted blue, gold and white; two pictures and a mirror from the first class smoking room. All needed to be cased With 2012 being the centenary of the Titanic’s sinking, the exhibition has gathered huge momentum and interest. Stuifbergen was recommended to 5 Star by a Spanish company which was very happy with their own 5 Star cases, and as the doors and other An open and shut case O yster Cases is bringing something distinctly new to the world of kit transit, carrying and protection with its innovative system that combines hardened case, padded bag and rucksack in one package. Transporting equipment is a considered process. Freelancers, production companies and broadcasters alike inevitably end up with an array of enclosures each suited to a particular piece of kit and for each task air transit, wet conditions and multi-day shoots. Until now, this has meant constant re- packing of kit which is time-consuming and potentially perilous to the kit. Oyster’s new system consists of a multi-function padded bag (which doubles as a water- The case sports an impressive 23 handles, 17 large butterfly catches and 12 heavy-duty castors! Another similar but much smaller case was made to house the dressing table and a third to house the other elements, which were transported to 5 Star from Southampton. All three cases are finished in blue high pressure laminate and constructed from 5 Star’s Super Tour Grade spec materials, for maximum robustness and durability. They were delivered – compete with contents by a freight forwarder to Stockholm The second class dining room doors are now cased and back on the road, ready for another few million miles of future travel! proof rucksack) that fits neatly into a purpose-built hardened case, ready for transit. With this new Oyster system, you only have to pack once. It’s a great idea in so many ways, saving time, money and, ironically, cutting the space needed to store numerous hard and soft cases. Designed to be a stylish addition to the production crew’s inventory, the light- weight polypropylene hard cases are made to ISO9001 standard and are IP55 rated for protection from dust and the heaviest downpours. The soft-cases come complete with two comfortable straps to enable uses to switch from shoulder to rucksack mode for carrying longer distances, freeing up both hands for climbing or holding more kit. Equipment is held securely thanks to a thick foam base and adjustable pouches inside the bags. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 51