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SPEED 1 0 : LATE : NIGHTS Edit up to 40% faster with Editors Keys. Keyboards available for all major video and audio editing programs. Reclaim your time at: The New RB-IPE IP Extender for GPIO & Analogue Control Signals The RB-IPE IP Extender is designed to provide remote control of GPIO & analogue control voltages over an Ethernet network. It allows any tallies & control signals, together with analogue potentiometer movements, to be sent across a network, e.g. to remotely acquire GPO signals or remotely control equipment, such as to sense failure alarms at a transmitter site, unmanned post or outstation. Built-in web server. 16 x general purpose inputs - 8 x isolated current sink inputs, 8 x pull to ground protected inputs. 16 x general purpose outputs - 8 x isolated relay change-over contacts, 8 x opto-isolated contacts. 8 x 0 to 3.3V/5V/12V input signals. 8 x selectable voltage output signals. sele LED for each GPIO showing on/off state. Connections on RJ45s. For more information, visit our website at: