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but getting the right combination has always been a struggle compromising on lenses, cameras , quality and performance. The Sony HD10/11 zoom module has been used at great length but an increase in camera quality has been constantly called for. The need to train surgeons, surgical staff as well as medical sales personnel in operative techniques is essential but the demand for higher quality is always ever present. the interchangeable rear element to convert between 1/2” and 2/3” as well as single chip and prism cameras is key here. Medical 1/3” minicams from the likes of Iconix, Toshiba, Hitachi, & Sony etc now have a new lease of life. The newer 2/3” cameras such as Indiecam, Flare, Modula, Cunima, LMP and the Antelope Pico Hi-Speed camera have now also got the opportunity for further market penetration. The Z-10 from Resolve has now addressed that market. Very cleverly, the natural choice for camera protection Strong outside, protected inside with our unique 7-layer protection system Adaptable. Functional. Attractive. Professional. Petrol Bags ™ A Vitec Group brand Buy online at