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Flexible broadcast network management SNMP based broadcast network monitoring & control Software SNMP-based hardware Web-client- based GUI R&S®TS4570 Contact-based hardware Network management center IP network Get response Notification PC MIB SNMP manager System Overview Hardware Name Description Type OID SNMP agent Your task Broadcast solution You are the operator of a countrywide TV network. The transition from analog to digital television increases the requirements on network management and network monitoring. Moreover, many network operators switch their transmitter sites over to unattended operation. This scenario calls for autonomous control of the systems in case of failure. The R&S®TS4570 system is able to fulfill all these requirements. It is highly flexible and uses standard components. The software operates on the basis of the simple network management protocol (SNMP) standard. SNMP offers the advantage of monitoring most of the network units. SNMP provides a wide variety of monitoring options for equipment such as TV transmitters, transport stream analyzers, uninterruptible power supplies, etc. The R&S®TS4570 makes it possible to poll, process and display the parameters involved. If limits are exceeded, the R&S®TS4570 can generate control commands. Another aspect to be considered is the reconfiguration of net-work monitoring. Because TV networks are constantly being adapted, the monitoring facilities also require consistent adaptation. Network operators must show their customers – the program providers – the quality of service that is output. Agile solutions are expected for this application as well. The alarms of the individual units are bundled and automatically routed to other management systems. A user- definable web GUI indicates the current system status. The network operators can adapt the system themselves since this procedure requires no special programming knowledge. Application Multiplex control The R&S®TS4570 software runs on a multiplex controller to gather all information from the devices connected. This setup is useful for high-power main transmitter sites where many devices are linked to one multiplex controller. Summary alarms can be created and sent off to a central monitoring application via SNMP. Site control In this application, the R&S®TS4570 acts as a site controller collecting data from all site-related units. Summary alarms will be created and sent to a monitoring center. This configuration is ideal for small transmitter sites, cable headends or satellite uplink centers where less equipment is involved. Countrywide monitoring Even countrywide monitoring can be performed using the R&S®TS4570. Depending on the broadcast network, a centralized R&S®TS4570 system can communicate with other R&S®TS4570 subsystems or directly with the equipment in the field. Rohde & Schwarz offers custom turnkey solutions and provides scalable service concepts to secure your investment in the long term. Benefits Easy to use A graphical design interface enables the user to create monitoring and control profiles without requiring expert 64 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY071NOV12.indd 64 06/11/2012 18:10