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Stefan Otto at work with his PMW500 fitted with Schwem gyro lens on a Super Lynx helicopter in Oman shooting aerials for Sunset & Vine for OmanSail. said it wasn’t quite right so I changed my stance, which has improved my style further. I watched a training video on line and did those exercises too. I spent several days in the back garden practicing the moves. Eventually it becomes an extension of you. I‘m still learning - the remaining problem I have sometimes is to over compensate, - to go a little too far or fast with the joystick to match the camera movement to that of the pole. When you get it right it’s just fantastic – it’s brilliant. I’m doing another show - Great British Wildlife for the BBC for next June. We’ve stopped now but we pick it up again next Spring. They had a 7D there so I used their camera. Are you close to buying a camera for the rig? I’m waiting for the market to settle down to find a camera I want to use. I’ve always hesitated about using a stills camera to shoot video, particularly as I’m not a photographer and I’m not going to go out and shoot pictures. showing the Polecam speed of setup – you have to feel sorry for the Jimmy Jib guy. ( link: http://www.polecam. com/news/latest-news/286-polecam- vs-regular-jib.html) I know you have steady work as a cameraman but what about the Polecam rig? I was too busy to get into using it initially. I was doing a lot of sailing and aerial shoots. I started to introduce it via the DSLR route and I’ve been busy with it since really. I’m currently doing quite a bit of BBC work as a cameraman.I haven’t used Polecam on Coast yet – we already run on quite a tight schedule, same on Country File - there’s never much time to introduce anything new. I’ve been looking at other options like the C300, but I’ve not got the right Polecam head for that yet. There’s also the Black Magic camera –I’m waiting to try it. So you’ve had success in your first year with the rig without even owning a camera? I know what I can achieve with Polecam, and to have all the kit that goes with it for me isn’t necessary right now. If somebody wants me to do some Polecam tomorrow I can get on line and source what I need. The important thing for me is now I’m a Polecam owner and I can kit it up for whatever the job needs. For me this way has worked. The jobs I have done with it serve to show others what I can achieve, and the work keeps coming. I did Gardener’s World using a mini jib and saw the potential for using Polecam on it. I ‘ve done some British Motorsport as well – Touring Cars – I haven’t used Polecam on it yet but it would be great. I’ve done Watchdog and Inside Out. I’ve just done Country File with John Craven with the rig, and that will go out early in December. I’m shooting the Country File Christmas Special this week also with Polecam and that will go out just before Christmas on the 23rd. All this is using DSLR cameras. How would you summarise what the Polecam has brought to you. I’m always keen to add production value to any shoot I do - with something I can rig quickly - that the sound man can help with - something we can literally just jump on to and grab some beautiful additional developing shots that we couldn’t otherwise have got within the existing schedule. It’s fantastic. Stefan Otto Otto Productions Polecam tel: +44(0)1234 855222 If I turn up on any shoot and they have a Canon 5D there I’ll put the 5D on my Polecam and say ‘have a look at this’ – I haven’t bought a camera yet, just Polecam. Have you had any Polecam training? No. I met Steffan Hewitt, the inventor of Polecam, at the BVE show and showed him how I’ve been using it. He Polecam Starter Pack PLUS fitted with the Black Magic Design Cinema camera. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 37 TV-BAY072DEC12.indd 37 07/12/2012 15:14